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Where Do Men Wear Spandex Cat Onesies? The World Series

Two Kansas City Royals fans' "ridiculous" attire has turned into a good luck charm for their team.

Angela Lutz  |  Oct 21st 2014

Paul Long and John Stoner, who are two grown-ass men living in Kansas City, Missouri, might be the Royals’ newest lucky charms. The attention-seeking friends were first spotted wearing spandex tabby cat onesies to a Royals-Yankees matchup in June, where they paid tribute to retiring Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter.

“Jeter’s farewell tour was so ridiculous, so we thought, if he wants ridiculous, we’ll give him ridiculous,” the duo said when interviewed by

The Royals won that day. As a result, Long and Stoner started wearing their cat suits to every game — and the Royals have gone 8-0 the playoffs, setting a Major League Baseball record.

Starting tonight in Kansas City, the Royals play the San Francisco Giants in the World Series. It’s the Royals’ fist time in the Fall Classic since 1985 (whereas Giants fans are starting to toss around the term “dynasty”). Never mind nagging questions like, “Where does a 200-pound man purchase a cat onesie.” Long and Stoner have promised us more “ridiculousness” and “basic shenanigans,” and we plan to enjoy the ride.

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