Why is my Cat Pulling Her Hair Out?


My daughters female cat-we believe she is a Maine Coon breed–she lives w/me–I am in very bad health and totally passed out/hit the floor right in front of her.

When i finally came to, she was circling me and meowing so loud ( she is normally very quiet). Chloe started licking/pulling her hair out, clear up to her shoulders–Just in the past month I have been feeling better somewhat, and Chloe doesn’t seem to be pulling as much hair out –Is this because of what happen w/me and passing out?? I am very concerned–she is a beautiful cat. Any help you can give or some
advice would be Greatly Appricated.


It sounds like Chloe is suffering from psychogenic alopecia.

Psychogenic alopecia occurs when cats over groom or pull out their hair. This leads to baldness. Baldness usually starts on the abdomen, then works its way up the backs of the thighs, and then proceeds along the back towards the head. Severely affected cats will be completely bald everywhere except for the face — and the face is only spared because it can’t be reached with the tongue and teeth.

Many factors contribute to psychogenic alopecia. The syndrome most likely has a strong hereditary component. However, stress is the most well-known external factor in the syndrome.

Being sick is stressful. Pets can sense our stress. They suffer stress when we do. When you got better your life was less stressful. It stands to reason that this reduction in stress passed through to Chloe.

It sounds like the best way to keep Chloe from over grooming is for you to stay relaxed. Fortunately, you have ready access to a scientifically proven means to reduce stress. I recommend that you spend 30 – 60 minutes each day petting Chloe. It will reduce both of your stress levels.

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