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Why Is the Internet So Obsessed With Cats? 5 Potential Reasons

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on June 18, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team


Why Is the Internet So Obsessed With Cats? 5 Potential Reasons

Cats have been valued pets around the world for a long time. They also walk into our lives while out on the street and in the park. We are all extremely familiar with cats. So, why is the internet so obsessed with them? You would think that after years of looking at cat photos and videos, people would get tired of these animals. However, cats seem to keep getting more and more popular online as time passes. There happen to be a few reasons that the internet is so obsessed with cats. Let’s check them out below:

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The 5 Reasons Why the Internet Is Obsessed With Cats

1. They Can Be Extremely Adorable

One of the biggest reasons cats are so popular online is that they are super cute and do adorable things that make our hearts melt. Whether it’s a cat grooming her new kittens, a kitty snuggling up with a pooch on the couch, or a cat that just naturally looks cute no matter what they happen to be doing, we can never get enough of a cat’s cuteness. People who own cats tend to think that many of the things that they do are adorable, so there is no shortage of adorable cat photos and videos to find online.

persian kittens lying on bench
Image Credit: Jenni Ferreira-Shutterstock

2. They Can Be the Opposite of Adorable

Cats are not always cute and cuddly. Sometimes, they can be downright cranky and mean. You might think that a mean cat would turn people off, but apparently, they seem to spark an interest in cat lovers and cat haters alike. Who doesn’t want to see a mad cat bop someone on the head or scare another cat enough to make them jump high into the sky? Most people would not pass up an opportunity to witness such organic situations. So, it is no big surprise that photos and videos of angry or grumpy cats rarely get overlooked on the internet.

Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

3. They Can Help Make Us Laugh

In addition to being adorable and angry, cats also tend to have a funny side. Have you ever seen a cat try to poke at a box or piece of food only to freak out because the object moved more than excepted? What about a cat that scares someone by sneaking up behind them and batting them on the head in a playful manner? The internet is full of funny cat scenarios like these. When someone feels depressed or bored, what better way to cheer up and enjoy life than to seek out a few funny cat videos online? There is no shortage of funny cat pictures, memes, and videos to find out there.

playing with her cat_Bogdan Sonjachnyj_shutterstock
Image Credit: Bogdan Sonjachnyj, Shutterstock

4. They Can Remind Us of Ourselves

Another reason cats might be so popular on the internet is that they can sometimes remind us of ourselves. When we are in a bad mood or feeling quirky, it is not hard to find a cat online that shares our same sentiments. When we need to pass time while waiting in line for something, there are always cat videos and photos out there to remind us that cats get bored too — but their boredom can be your entertainment. Are you having a bad hair day? You’re sure to find a cat with the same problem by spending just a minute or two online.

a red domestic cat bites its owner's hand
Image By: Irzhanova Asel, Shutterstock

5. They Tend to Dominate the Internet

People cannot help but be obsessed with cats when there are literally billions of photos, memes, and videos featuring them that can be found on the internet. In fact, CNN estimates that there are up to 6.5 billion pieces of cat media available online! It would be almost impossible not to come across photos and videos of cats when surfing the web. With cats dominating the internet in such a way, how could they not become an obsession of users worldwide? It is safe to say that the online cat phenomenon is not going away anytime soon.


Final Thoughts

Cats are just too loved or hated by people to be ignored on the internet. It seems like a new captioned cat photo or funny video is being uploaded every minute of the day. So, if you’re someone who loves coming across cat content online, you can rest assured that there will be no shortage of material anytime soon.

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