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When Can Kittens Be Dewormed? Our Vet Answers

Written by: Dr. Eric Barchas

Last Updated on January 11, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Vet giving deworming tablet to cat

When Can Kittens Be Dewormed? Our Vet Answers

I am fostering a kitten that is about 2 weeks old. Is that too young to deworm? Also, he has bad diarrhea, is there anything I can do about that? Thanks for your time and help.

Arcadia, OK

The most common worms in kittens and puppies are called roundworms. These worms can spread from mother cats to kittens through the milk. They spread from mother dogs to puppies in the womb and through the milk.

Roundworms are contagious to human beings. They can cause very serious illness in some people. Children are especially susceptible.

Large numbers of puppies and kittens are either born with worms (puppies) or contract them immediately after birth (puppies and kittens). Deworming is recommended as standard procedure for juveniles of both species.

When should deworming occur? Here’s what the Companion Animal Parasite Council (a self-appointed group of experts in veterinary parasitology) has to say.

Puppies and kittens should be routinely dewormed beginning at 2 weeks of age, with deworming repeated every 2 weeks, until the animals are placed on a monthly control product with efficacy against ascarids at 4 to 8 weeks of age.

In short, according to the experts, your kitten is old enough for deworming.

It is funny that you mention your kitten has diarrhea. Intestinal parasites cause most diarrhea in young animals. This problem may disappear when you deworm the kitten.

Featured Image Credit: David Herraez Calzada, Shutterstock


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