When 4 Cats and 2 Rabbits Are Roommates: Catnip and Carrots


I once fed a friend’s indoor cat and rabbit while they were out of town.

It was a nightmare.

Despite the animals themselves appearing to live together quite happily, dealing with a rabbit is not the same as caring for a cat. As soon as I opened the door to the room it was in, the rabbit bolted out and took refuge under the bed in another room. There was no getting the bunny out, and that was that.

Still, it was an eye-opener into the way cats and rabbits are seemingly happy to cohabitate. That’s certainly the case over at the Catnip and Carrots Instagram account, which details the adventures of four cats and two rabbits living in a New York City apartment.

Let’s start with the formal introductions.

Cat number one

Image via Instagram

First up, this is Clive. I like to think of him as the unofficial leader of the Catnip and Carrots clowder. Who wouldn’t want to be led by such a stately looking feline, right?

Cat number two

Image via Instagram

Next up we have the descriptively named Panda Kitty. This snap was taken during the most recent Christmas season and, as you can see, with this cat it’s all about those distinctive panda-esque black and white face markings. A fine and versatile birthday suit, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Cat number three

Image via Instagram

Now we come to Roger, the all-black gentleman cat of the bunch. Here he smartly poses with one of the bunny rabbits (named Siouxsie from what I can discern) and pulling off a very striking black-and-white contrast vibe. Artsy kitty.

Cat number four

Image via Instagram

Finally, we come to cat number four. He’s the brother of Clive and he is definitely a feline, despite picking up the name of Bunny. Don’t try to figure out the rationale — just enjoy the pictures.

Squad goals

Image via Instagram

The whole gang seems to get along swimmingly. I guess a shared love of feasting followed by napping can do wonders for any peace process.

Deep concentration

Image via Instagram

Weekends are a highbrow time at the Catnip and Carrots compound. As you can see, Panda Kitty and Siouxsie take their brainiac board games very seriously.

Incumbent rights

Image via Instagram

Here’s a dilemma for the ages: What happens when you end up with four cats but only one box? Clearly, you make like Bunny here and hop in the coveted real estate quick sharp. Remember, possession of the box is nine-tenths of the law when it comes to all feline property disputes.

Fruits and vegetables

Image via Instagram

Can you guess which members of the traveling picnic party are not exactly enamored with the food choices on offer? Stay strong, Clive!

Hop, skip, or strut over to the Catnip and Carrots Instagram page for more feline and rabbit action.

About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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