What the Heck Is Catpong? We Interview the Creators


Do you know what the game of catpong is all about?

Have you heard of the Galactic Tiger?

Can you pinpoint the planet Zog on a map?

If you’re confused and more than a little bit bemused at this point, I’m guessing you’ve yet to check out Galactic Tiger’s music video for “Catpong,” which went viral late last year. In the interests of getting you up to speed, here it is.

More than a little bizarre, right?

It turns out Galactic Tiger is actually a musical duo consisting of the musician Davey Star and the group’s namesake big-cat/human hybrid, whose official papers describe him as “a tiger-headed humanoid whose sole mission is to liberate solar systems through the harmonious vibrations of music.”

You’re probably still a little baffled at this point. So I utilized the technological wonders of email to converse with Galactic Tiger and find out what catpong is really all about. You can thank me in another dimension.


So what exactly is catpong? How would you describe it?

It’s the rhythmic unity of sound and sport. Catpong merges agility, strategy, rhythm, and hydration.

Okay. Can you explain the rules of catpong in simple terms?

It’s the human game of table tennis with the following modifications:

  • One cat, two players, ten cups, half full.
  • Lose a point, take a sip.
  • Hit the cat, drink a cup.
  • Empty cups, off the table.
  • No more cups, you lose.
  • Ball in cup, instant win.


If you play catpong at home, how can you make sure the cat stays on the table during the game?

Without the telepathic abilities of the Galactic Tiger, ensuring your feline will participate in the game will be difficult. If you are without these powers, we suggest using a two or three dimensional static representation of a domestic feline as a game obstacle.

Image via YouTube.

Who’s the cat in your “Catpong” video?

That’s Furrgie, who was kind enough to participate in our instructional. The Galactic Tiger and Furrgie share common genetic lineage and they were quickly able to communicate. Furrgie expressed her desire to further understanding between our species and her love of chasing ping pong balls.

Speaking of ping pong balls, what happens during a game of catpong if the cat knocks one of the balls away?

Technically you have “hit the cat,” therefore you must drink the remainder of liquid from one of your cups. Success in the game hinges on avoiding the feline.


Has the Galactic Tiger had much experience interacting with Earth cats?

Several Earth cats were communicated with before Furrgie chose to participate. The Galactic Tiger was treated with respect and reverence hence his view of Earth cats is very positive. The cohabitation and cooperation between cats and humans is pleasing to the Galactic Tiger.

Lil BUB is said to be from outer space. Has the Galactic Tiger ever met her while traveling around?

No, but upon request we will send her coordinates to our next event on Zog, where she will be welcomed as our guest.


The “Catpong” video also calls out Grumpy Cat. Why did you take aim at her?

Not all felines want to be represented by an ill-mooded relative. We challenge Grumpy Cat to show a range of emotion and depth. As a recognized member of feline society she should be a role model, not just for grumpiness, but all layers of emotion.

Image via YouTube.

Okay, so what if the Galactic Tiger got to hang out with Grumpy Cat for a day? Where would he take her?

Zog stadium (where the official Catpong tournament is held), the Grand Palace and surrounding city, and the lonely mountain where the Galactic Tiger watched over Davey as a child.

Do you have any plans to feature any famous cats on your upcoming album?

“Catpong” is our most feline-centric song so Furrgie is the star of that world. Future songs may involve special feline guests, but for now as humans say, no spoilers.

About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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