7 Things My Cats Are Very Thankful For This Year


Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude and reflection. Although many agree we should count our blessings every day, the third Thursday in November marks the date even the most egocentric beings are prompted to ponder and give thanks for the positive aspects of their lives and the world around them. Yes, even the self-centered felines are encouraged to look beyond themselves and consider their bounty.

My three cats agreed to take a break from napping to contribute some items that made their list:

1. Being the first to use a fresh litter box

In my house, nothing draws a crowd like the sound of fresh litter being poured into the pan. Everyone gathers ’round and vies to be first to "go" in the untapped kitty commode.

Why do they all suddenly have to relieve themselves at the same time? Were they all walking around with full bladders, or did the soft sound of cascading litter induce a Pavlovian effect on kitty’s potty reflex? Whatever the case, my cats are grateful for the opportunity to be first in taking the pee-pee plunge in a fresh box.

2. The aftermath of grocery shopping

Grocery shopping = an abundance of bags and boxes. As soon as I start unloading groceries, my cats begin circling like carrion birds. They know as soon as the final can is placed in the cabinet, it’s party time! Empty bags are usually sprinkled with catnip, so the anticipation is downright palpable.

And the excitement is tenfold when I return from a Costco outing. The big boxes that once housed giant jugs of barbecue sauce are now crowded with cats. Who, besides a cat, is more grateful for bags and boxes?

3. Emerging from the litter box dingleberry-free

My Saffy is a fluffy girl, making her a target for post-litter box dangling dingleberries. I can tell she’s sporting a dangler when she starts fussing with her bottom. The other cats mock her with snooty shorthair stares, and she’s obviously embarrassed.

I immediately grab a tissue and jump to her aid, but it’s too late ÔÇô- Cosmo and Phoebe have already passed judgment. Sure, it’s easy when your short butt-fur is nice and tidy; but unruly bottom fuzz is just asking for trouble — all the more reason to be thankful each time she emerges from the litter box sans dingleberry.

4. The glory of can openers

Ahhh, the sweet sound of metal piercing metal ÔǪ must be dinnertime! Even in the deadest of slumbers, my cats hear the telltale sound of a can opener from across the house. At least two or three times a day, they’re grateful for that enchanting sound, although the can may not actually be for them. Even if I open a can of soup, they descend upon me like jackals.

What they’ve come to discover is that even when I’m opening a can of something for myself, if they’ve come running into the kitchen, I’ll usually give them a treat. So whether or not the can opener indicates official mealtime, they know if they show up, they’ll get something. My little jackals are forever grateful.

5. Living with messy kids

I have two teenagers, and one happens to be a boy. Anyone who knows teenage boys knows they aren’t the tidiest individuals. I become annoyed with this behavior; however, my cats reap the benefits of the sloppy boy-child.

Some of the grungy goodies for which my cats are grateful are:

  • Food and candy wrappers left on the counter and table
  • Stinky socks and shoes to sniff
  • A floor full of dirty clothes on which to lie
  • Half-full glasses of water beside the bed and dirty dishes left in the sink
  • Crumbs mindlessly dropped on the floor

6. Daylight-saving time

My cats love it when we set the clocks ahead an hour, because that means their bellies get fed earlier than usual. Unlike switching to standard time, when kitties are certain we are starving them because they must wait an extra hour, the utter surprise and joy of daylight-saving time is nothing short of pure elation and gratitude.

By Thanksgiving time, they are already counting the days until March.

7. The magical bathroom

My cats are fascinated and grateful for the wonders of the human bathroom. They know I visit the magical room from time to time, and they take advantage of my time there in a variety of ways:

  • Cosmo follows me in and insists on sitting on my lap while I do my business. I feel his thankfulness as he purrs and happy-drools on my bare legs.
  • They love hanging out in the dark bathroom. I have no idea what they’re doing, but I’m certain they are having a great time. I always laugh when I turn on the light and happen upon them having secret meetings. Unlike me, they get to enjoy the privacy of the loo.
  • Always the opportunists, the cats take my exit to the bathroom as an invitation to pilfer whatever is available on countertops. As soon as they hear me returning to the living area, I hear little paws landing and scurrying away from the kitchen. They are thankful no one heard them. Or so they think.

At Thanksgiving, even cats manage to dig down deeply and count a few blessings. And hopefully a few less dingleberries.

What are your cats thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments!

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