Think Your Cat’s a Little Weird? You Are Not Alone.


A Recent Article From Daily Cat Might Help You To Understand Your Feline Friend’s More Eccentric Behavior

Cat-owners know that their little furball isn’t always just a ball of fluffiness curled up on the sofa. We all have seen our cats do some amazingly weird things, often for no (seemingly) logical reason.

Joanne Eglash recently posted an interesting article on The Daily Cat that discusses some of the strange things that cats tend to do, from licking their owners’ earlobes to pawing at their water bowls. The article suggests that while some of a cat’s behavior is caused by genes and lineage, much of it can be attributed to the notion that (and this is where all cat lovers nod their heads in agreement) cats have better senses of humor than people do. In her article, Eglash draws from the expertise of Arden Moore (author and Animal Behavior Consultant) and Karen Santos (companion animals manager at the International Fund for Animal Welfare in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts).

The article contains a great breakdown of some common cat “types,” offering up descriptions of everything from the Esther Williams Cat to the Food Burier. Turns out that while my two cats are predominantly an Herb Lover and a Gift Giver, I noticed traits in all of the types that my little friends have been known to display.

Here are the descriptions of the Herb Lover and the Gift Giver from Eglash’s article:

The Herb Lover
The herb-loving cat is always more than eager to get its paws on catnip. Feline fans of this perennial member of the mint family roll in it, sniff ecstatically at it, and close their eyes blissfully as they indulge. But, as many as 30 percent of adult cats have absolutely no interest in catnip, according to Moore. Some cats prefer honeysuckle, which must be moistened to release its active ingredients, she adds.

The Gift Giver
Has your cat ever suddenly dropped a toy mouse in your lap? Several cat owners have reported receiving such unexpected gifts, whether they want them or not. The moment becomes even more memorable if the mouse was a once-live real one. Santos explains that it is your kittys way of showing affection.

To read the entire article and try to figure out which type best suits your little furry friend, click here.

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