These Cats Celebrate National Puzzle Day — By Wrecking It


Back in the olden days, before entertainment during the winter months involved binge-watching entire TV series in a couple of days and downloading freemium apps to play on your phone, jigsaw puzzles were all the rage. While they might come across as quaint in these modern times, if you can muster up the enthusiasm to pick up a jigsaw puzzle, you’ll find they’re still a great way to take you through the dark and snowy nights. Your cat is also guaranteed to want to get in on the puzzling action — although her goals might be different than yours.

So with Jan. 29 being National Puzzle Day, here’s an in-depth look about how cats are guaranteed to wreck your best puzzling intentions.

Winter Warz

Let the record show I have since ditched the Little Paris Kitchen cookbook — it was terrible.

The first time I attempted a jigsaw puzzle in the presence of my cat, Mimosa, it went pretty smoothly. The puzzle in question depicted the cover of Ghostface Killah’s 1996 Ironman album (it was part of a deluxe reissue of the project). I like to think Mims’ respectful approach to puzzling was all about her appreciation of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Not a literary kitty

Sometimes, you wonder why you even bother.

The second time I unrolled a jigsaw puzzle in Mimosa’s presence she was far less respectful. This time it was a New Yorker magazine cover showing a curmudgeonly dog dolled up in winter wear. It was a tricky puzzle due to the abundance of white snow tiles involved — a situation not helped by Mims’s habit of picking completed areas apart through the night and wholesale lounging on the scene. The dog in the Santa hat is clearly not amused.

The missing piece

Image via Instagram.

While Mimosa did attempt to steal the odd jigsaw puzzle piece, I was able to complete the New Yorker puzzle in full. Many cat owners are not that fortunate. As the caption to this Instagram caption says:

“The jigsaw in almost its full glory — minus one piece, thanks to a certain someone …”


Image via Instagram.

If cats are not actively stealing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, they are intent on napping on it. Happiness for this particular kitty here is clearly a warm (and nearly completed) jigsaw puzzle.

The magic number

Image via Instagram.

When it comes to sabotaging a human’s jigsaw puzzle, three is definitely company for cats. This trio of meddlesome felines know that there is strength and power in numbers. There is absolutely no way this puzzle is ever going to be completed.


Image via Instagram.

Cat-in-a-box is always a classic ruse — but this dinky black tyke has taken it to a new level by not just commandeering the puzzle’s box, but also sitting in it while simultaneously obscuring the jigsaw. Never underestimate your feline foe.

Game over

Image via Instagram.

The look on this luxuriously groomed feline says it all: If you are contemplating a jigsaw puzzle in the presence of cats, then you better be prepared for nothing less than domestic war.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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