6 Surefire Ways to Piss Off Your Cat (Tried and Tested By Catster)


The most recent addition to our feline household is my tortoiseshell kitten. She’s wonderful and full of spunk. I had never heard of “tortitude” before — the belief (real or imagined) that tortoiseshells have a lot of attitude. This cat is sweet and fun and she lets you know when she’s annoyed. Sometimes, all it takes is a look from her to put me in my place.

In fact, she’s taught me a lot about what annoys cats. My gentler cats will put up with a lot more than she will.

Tortoiseshell or not, here are some things that seem to annoy her. If you don’t want to piss off your cat, don’t do any of these things!

1. Shut her in the bathroom so the other cats can eat

Oh, the outrage! My kitty has a huge appetite and would eat everyone’s food if we let her. We also have a small house, so she eats in the bathroom when I feed the other cats. Naturally, she’s done before everyone else. So, prepare for plaintive cries behind the closed bathroom door — or, in my case, plaintive cries with an annoyed edge.

2. Stop feeding her lunch so that she doesn’t get overweight

My kitty started to develop a little belly! She loves her food. But I don’t want her to be overweight, so recently I cut out the middle meal of the day. She’s nine months old now and seems to be doing well without the lunch meal.

But yes, she was annoyed at first. There was some annoyed prancing and whining at noon until she figured out that okay, the noon meal had gone away and probably wasn’t coming back.

3. Pay too much attention to the other cats

My kitty only has one thing to say about this: “This is not acceptable. Never! After all, I am the cutest cat in the house! I’m the cutest cat on the planet! So, treat me with the devotion and attention I deserve!”

4. Pay too much attention to your partner

My tortie says, “This is even worse than paying attention to the other cats! I mean, if you’re snuggling with your partner, then you’re not noticing that maybe I want to be in your lap. Maybe I want to be held. It’s all about MEEEE!”

5. Forget to take out her toys and play with her at night

My kitty has been a little snarky lately. I have been intensively nursing an ill and older cat. There hasn’t been much time to give any of the other cats much attention at all. But hey, the tortie is a young adult! This is hard for her to grasp. Truly, it’s better for everyone when the toys come out at least once a day. And it’s a great mood lifter when there are other stressful things in the household to worry about. (Note to self: Take out toys tonight and play with the cats!)

6. Forget to tell her that she is the most beautiful cat in the world

Because she is. Because they all are. Tell each of your cats how gorgeous, handsome, beautiful they are — but you may have to be covert about it if you have a tortie like mine. So tell each cat secretly, in a quiet and special place. That way, perhaps we can all avoid some nasty sibling rivalry.

Do you do anything that annoys your cat? Let us know in the comments!

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