Rukas the Himalayan Hides His Good Nature Behind a Scowl


Rukas‘s social media bio is bold. “Do you dare join me on my adventures?” asks this luxurious-looking eight-year-old Himalayan.

Why, of course you do.

And what can you expect on such a jaunt? Nothing less than a commitment to pursuing only the finest things that life has to offer, a devotion to dressing dapper, and possibly the pursuit of a certain renowned female feline.

Without further ado, here’s a sophisticated peek into Rukas’s world.

Rukas’s tough start to life

Here’s Rukas in the shelter.

Rukas’s story begins with the Old Bridge Animal Shelter page on Facebook. A friend of the woman who’d soon become his owner was sent a link to the organization’s available cats and Rukas stood out — mainly because he “looked so scared in his picture.”

The long-haired Rukas was having a tough time in the shelter system — including suffering from some terrible mats — and it was suspected that he’d previously been neglected or even abused.

“He would flinch and freeze up whenever I would go to pet him or approach him,” his owner says.

Thankfully, after a month Rukas began to trust his new owner, and this eight-year-old has been thriving in his forever home since.

The story behind the name

Image via Instagram.

The origin of Rukas’ distinctive moniker goes back to the days when he was known as Lucas.

“My husband and I thought it was such a strange name for a cat so we decided to tweak it a little but not so drastically that he’d be confused,” says his owner.

So the L became an R, and the C switched to a K. Voila, Rukas!

A complicated cat

Image via Instagram.

Talking about Rukas’ personality, his owner says he’s a “jealous cat” who loves to be the center of attention and makes sure to greet people when they visit.

“His scowling face gives off an ‘I’m better than you’ vibe, and this is exactly what he’s saying,” she continues. “But at heart he’s a big cuddly dad cat who takes cares of our foster kittens — he lets them play with his tail and pretends to nurse. It’s pretty hilarious.”

An upscale weekend

Image via Instagram.

With Rukas’s Instagram account claiming he enjoys “the finer things in life,” what would his ultimate, high-end, no expenses spared weekend involve?

Well, it seems he’d wake at 5 a.m. and scarf down a platter of wet food — ideally in the ego boosting presence of three other kitties so that he could “stare down at them until he scoffs down their leftovers.”

Then comes the small matter of breakfast dessert, which would be “luxurious whipped-cream topped with a gold leaf.”

After exerting himself on the dining scene, Rukas would hit up Amazon to order “the freshest waterfall water in the world.” No doubt paying for super expedited shipping, he would “immerse his beard to create the ultimate water-beard,” before “staring at the waterfall for a good ten minutes, just taking in its beauty, because Rukas is sophisticated like that.”

The rest of his weekend would then be devoted to sleep.

Bespoke kitty bow ties

Image via Instagram.

If you dig around Rukas’s online presence, you’ll notice that he’s become the figurehead for his own series of cat bow ties. (A portion of proceeds is donated to shelters.) This venture came about after his owner noticed a slick-looking stream of cats on Instagram wearing their own neckwear.

“At the time there was a hot trend in men’s fashion for knit ties and bow ties,” she says. “I figured it shouldn’t be hard to create cat bow ties since I learned how to crochet in Girl Scouts.”

A finicky model

Image via Instagram.

How did the distinguished Rukas react to being asked to model a range of cat bow ties? Well, a little aloof and bemused, it seems.

“The first model of the bow tie had many flaws so it didn’t look that great,” says his owner. “It needed a lot of adjustments and we never sold that model. Rukas was a bit confused and immediately took it off. He later tried to attack the bow tie.”

Rukas hearts Pudge

Image via Instagram.

When it comes to the celebrity feline scene, Rukas is smitten with Pudge the Cat: “Her perfectly round smoosh face is irresistible.”

If Rukas could woo Pudge with one of his bow ties, he’d apparently select the Pink is the New Black edition for her — to “reflect her edginess but also her sweet feminine loveliness.”

Head over to Rukas’s Instagram account to endorse his lavish lifestyle.

About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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