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Would You Be Willing To Donate $1 To Save A Cat’s Life?

Most of you are probably aware of last year’s horrific cat hoarding situation in Pahrump, Nevada (at the edge of Death Valley), in which over 800 cats were kept in nightmarish conditions at FLOCK, which posed as an animal sanctuary but was in fact little more than an institutionalized hoarding situation. Best Friends Animal Society successfully took legal action to have the cats seized and turned over to them (and is ensuring that those involved are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law). Sadly, hundreds of cats perished from starvation and neglect, but hundreds more were saved and have found furever homes. One of the early whistleblowers — who eventually adopted Muppet — describes what happened:

“There were just a few of us at the beginning and we had no clue that FLOCK was not asking for any help. We were not FLOCK, we were the ones that had been trying to shut down FLOCK for some time. When it became obvious that no help was coming, I called Best Friends. The new owners of FLOCK told Best Friends that they didn’t need their help, that the cats were fine!!! After 4 weeks of pure exhaustion, my heart completely ripped out from seeing so much horrifying suffering, two of us called Best Friends again sobbing for them to please come and help. They sent out 4 people (that’s when Troy snapped that photo of Cover Girl) to investigate. FLOCK naturally ran them off within a week, but they got to see the horrible condition that cats were in. They hooked up with animal control and two weeks later the cats and the property were seized and handed over to Best Friends. I stayed another two weeks until they had enough volunteers show up. Muppet and two others I had already smuggled off of the property in mid June. Denise had smuggled 36 critical cats out of there. I did have Best Friends document that I adopted her from them. So if anything were to happen to me, I know that Muppet will go to them and be in excellent hands.”

Muppet was one of the “lucky” ones (the photo below right was taken shortly after she was rescued). Muppet was emaciated and almost bald from malnutrition, mange and ringworm when she was smuggled out. Her mom tells Muppet’s story:

I rescued Muppet from a huge cat sanctuary [FLOCK] where the cats had been left to starve. Several hundred did not make it and many more were critical when we arrived to try and help. Muppet and Beannie Baby were among the most critical too and the heartbreaking day when Beannie Baby died from kidney failure I scooped up Muppet and brought her home. I didn’t want to let her out of my sight. She weighed only 4 pounds, she was emaciated and dehydrated. She could barely walk and she looked like a puppet on strings when she tried. It’s been over 3 months now, and Muppet weighs in at 6 pounds. Still needs to gain a couple more pounds. Her kidneys are thankfully hanging in there, but she’s still having some problems with her ears. For the first month after we brought her home, she slept by the food and water bowls. She didn’t want her food and water to ever get ‘lost’ again. She’s learned to trust again that the food and water will always be there, so now she likes to sleep on a bed or by a window. Her personality is starting to come out and she is such a sweet little character. We love her so much.

Muppet now weighs over seven pounds and is in otherwise good health, but she needs a surgical procedure to correct the problem in her ears. If it is not corrected and the pain meds are no longer effective, the excruciating pain that results will make it necessary to euthanize her. Muppet’s family has made many financial sacrifices this last year to ensure she gets medical treatment, but the $5000 price tag for her surgery is beyond their means.

That’s the cue for Catsters to come to Muppet’s rescue.

A Catster Group — Muppet’s Bucket — has been organized to support fund-raising efforts for Muppet’s surgery. (This fund-raiser is Catster-approved.) Catsters Winnie and Chester have agreed to MATCH ALL DONATIONS up to $1000 for donations made before Wednesday 11/26, and Catster Ele’ will match donations made before Wednesday up to $500. Another Catster set up a Paypal account and will cover all Paypal charges so that 100% of your donation goes to help Muppet. Here’s how you can donate:

Donations made by Check or Money Order
Make payable to A.C.C. of Pahrump
Mail to:
Attn: Tina/Muppet’s Fund
A.C.C. of Pahrump
6981 N. Hwy 160
Pahrump NV 89060

Credit Card donations
Please call Tina at 775-751-2224

PayPal Donations (you can make credit card and electronic check donations via Paypal)
The vet’s office is not able to use PayPal. Allie will accept PayPal donations on behalf of Muppet. To donate by PayPal please use:
allie AT murraycat DOT com

Please put “Muppet” in the comments.


It would be a shame if, after everything Muppet has gone through, she had to be euthanized. She is otherwise in good health, and only the ear problem stands between her and happily ever after. Every single donation helps — whether it’s $1 or $1000. If everyone who reads this blog donated $1, the surgery could be paid for!

UPDATE!!!! As of Sunday night (11/23), almost half the money has been raised. Catsters will be holding an online auction to raise additional money. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE AUCTION ITEMS. Catsters will be donating some amazing cat-themed hand-crafted items.


[PHOTO CREDIT (top photo): BestFriends.org]

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