O’Ryan is FIV+ and a PURRfect Pal


FIV is not an immediate death sentence for cats. My mother-in-law’s FIV+ cat, Babe, has lived with FIV for more than ten years, and has had no more vet visits than the average cat. He’s a wonderful pet, and a great comfort to his mistress.

Today, meet O’Ryan, an FIV+ cat who was fortunate enough to have been rescued by Purrfect Pals, a sanctuary to nearly 300 cats who have nowhere else to go. These are cats who have tested positive for FIV or feline leukemia, cats with behavioral issues, feral cats, geriatric cats, and cats with diabetes or other long-term health issues. All live in colonies in a clean, comfortable, cat-oriented environment, receiving regular veterinary care.

Here’s O’Ryan’s story:

ORyan was found abandoned along a river bank, starving and ill. He probably wouldnt have lived more than another day or two if a Purrfect Pals volunteer hadnt rescued him. He was placed in a foster home and had dental surgery, abscess care, and extensive medication. His foster Mom found him to be an extremely loving cat who wanted constant attention and loved to be petted while he lay next to her. He is very vocal and talks to you in his deep voice as long as you will listen.

After regaining his weight and his health, ORyan met a nice couple, Dianne and Donald, who fell in love with him and took him home to be a friend for their other FIV cat, Penny. Like all Purrfect Pals FIV positive cats, ORyan was adopted as a permanent foster. FIV cats can live long and healthy lives, but they are also more susceptible to mouth and dental problems. As a permanent foster a FIV kitty can always have any medical problems related to FIV cared for at no charge at our Purrfect Pals clinic.

ORyan has become Pennys best buddy. Even though Penny is a bit of a princess, she accepted ORyan immediately and they love to run, play and sleep together. When not playing with Penny, ORyan loves to sleep on the back of Donalds chair or beside him begging for attention or to sit on Diannes craft table patting her hand to get her attention

ORyan is a very fortunate FIV+ cat. He has found a home where he is adored and well cared for. The Purrfect Pals Sanctuary has an FIV room currently occupied by many wonderful affectionate cats who are hoping that you might consider giving one of them a loving home as well. Donate now.

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If you don’t currently have cats and are considering adoption, why not consider opening your home to a pair of FIV+ cats? You’ll certainly be saving a couple of lives, and are likely to be rewarded with an appreciative, devoted companion.

Can’t adopt but want to help? You can sponsor a Purrfect Pals cat or give a sponsorship as a gift.

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