Moo’s Musings: I Have NOT Knocked Down the Christmas Tree Yet


O hai! Moo here! I think they should change the name of Mondays to MOOdays. All in favor? Meow!

Kitties, I have to complain. Mom thinks I’m a bad kitty, I think. She put up a little Christmas tree last week and has been taking bets on how long it will be before I knock it down. Me! Moo! Not my brother, Pimp — just me.

Why do I have to be the naughty one?

I am the sweetest kitty ever. I cuddle with mom every night and make sure to leave extra furs on her pillow so it can be extra comfy and soft. And I always eat all my breakfast and dinner like a good boy. And I always pick up my toys. (Pick them up and drag them all over the house! MOL!)

So why do I have to be the one who would knock over the tree?!

For the record, I have not even touched an ornament. I like to sit just behind the tree and slightly under it. From the front, all you see is my little nose. But from the back, it looks like the tree has a cow butt sticking out of it. Hee! That’s me pretending to be a present!

Are you kitties good with Christmas trees? I have heard a lot of kitties are bad, but mom’s lucky. Me and Pimp don’t really care about it. We are good boys. Most of the time, anyway …

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