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meowbox vs. KitNipBox: The Differences Explained (2024 Update)

Written by: Jordin Horn

Last Updated on June 28, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Meowbox VS KitNipBox

meowbox vs. KitNipBox: The Differences Explained (2024 Update)

KitNipBox and meowbox are subscription boxes for a cat’s entertainment (and let’s be honest, for their owner’s entertainment, too). They contain cat toys that crinkle, move, and sometimes have catnip in them. Optional treat boxes give your cat something new to try alongside their usual fare.

Both cat product subscriptions are essentially the same: a few interesting and new toys for your cats with cute themes and treats if you want them.

Because they do not offer multiple-cat boxes, meowbox appeals to single-cat homes and to cat parents who strictly want treats from North America. Kitnipbox has an option for multiple-cat households and is also the less expensive option, which might appeal more to people on a tight budget. Both boxes, depending on if you order directly through their website or through Amazon, come with bi-monthly subscription options.

The most popular subscription box is Kitnipbox, and this may be purely because it is the cheaper subscription.

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At a Glance

side by side meowbox VS KitNipBox

  • Toys exclusive for meowbox subscribers
  • Option for toy-only boxes
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Personal note for your kitties
  • Part of profits go towards One Box Can, supporting cats with food needs
  • Specific boxes for multiple cat households
  • Boxes for cats with dietary needs
  • Slightly cheaper
  • Portion of profits benefit shelters, rescues, and trap-neuter-return efforts
  • More customizable

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Overview of meowbox

meowbox III_Amazon
Image By: meowbox, Amazon

For the cat toy shopper who wants fewer overwhelming options, meowbox is great. Unique features about this company include a store to buy individual treats, toys, and “For the Human” items like hats and mugs. This means you can find the toy in their store and buy it again in case your cat’s favorite toy gets lost or destroyed.

Purchasing a meowbox also helps cats in need. The One Box Can program supports felines in need by donating one can of food for each meowbox sold.

meowbox claims you cannot find their goodies anywhere else, only in meowboxes.

Box Options

meowbox does not have an option for multiple cats, but they do have bi-monthly subscription option. The options are less overwhelming; all you need to do is select whether you want treats or no treats in your box. The treat gets replaced with an additional toy, totaling up to five cat toys per box.

When you sign up directly through the meowbox website, you can enter in the details about your cat(s) and get a personalized note written to your cat(s). Ordering through Amazon, however, does not allow this feature.


Your meowbox will always include a handmade toy. The number of toys varies on whether you opted to have a “dietary” box or not: four toys and one treat with the regular box, and give toys with the dietary box.


For those cat parents who are ordering a regular box, there’s one unique treat in each box. All treats are guaranteed sourced from US or Canada. All treats are organic, functional, single-ingredient or grain-free (one of those features, not all of them).

  • Bi-monthly subscription option
  • Homemade toy in each box
  • Treats guaranteed sourced from the US or Canada
  • Store to buy specific toys
  • More expensive
  • No multiple-cat option
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Overview of KitNipBox

Image Credit: KitNipBox, Amazon

Winner of the Best Pet Box award for 2 years in a row, KitNipBox offers toys, treats, and other cat products in their subscription boxes. They strive to keep their toys and treats eco-friendly. The carefully curated items inside are well received by young and old cats alike. A card that comes with the box describes each toy and treat, so you can know all about your cat’s new stuff.

When you buy a KitNipBox, part of the proceeds go to various rescue and care efforts for cats, dogs, and other pets.

Box Options

For KitNipBox, you have the option to buy a special box if you have more than one cat in your house. Boxes contain a variety of treats, toys, and other cat items every time, unless you order a box without treats. You can cancel the subscription anytime. When you order through Amazon, you can opt to get a box every other month, if you want to.

kitnipbox 2_Amazon
Image Credit: KitNipBox, Amazon


The toys in KitNipBox are sourced through small businesses. The Happy Cat Box contains four to five toys and Multi-Cat Box contains six to seven toys, depending on whether you selected the dietary box or not. Their toys are tested for quality. Some of the toys are made in China, but most come from North America.


KitNipBox treats are sourced from North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Most treats are either organic, all-natural, or grain-free.

  • A cheaper option
  • Cheeky items and themes
  • More toys for multiple cat households
  • Free shipping
  • Might not be worth the value
  • No personalization


How Do They Compare?


Edge: meowbox

It seems that meowbox puts a little more effort in the quality of their boxes, especially because of their personalized notes.


Edge: KitNipBox

For single-cat boxes and what you get, KitNipBox is a better price. They have the same number of items as meowbox but at a slightly lower price. However, meowbox makes it much easier on their website to order bi-monthly if you want to. You can do this with KitNipBox, but you need to contact Amazon to do it.


Edge: KitNipBox

With KitNipBox, you never know what you’re going to get! Both boxes come with a variety of toys within a certain theme, but KitNipBox sometimes features cat health and hygiene items.


Edge: meowbox

meowbox goes the extra mile with their treat selection: they only put American or Canadian-made treats in their boxes.


What the Users Say

Through research of reviews, we can give you a good idea of the general consensus of these cat box subscriptions. We will summarize for you what customers who bought these boxes say, so you can make a more informed buying decision.

Users say KitNipBox and meowbox both contain a variety of toys that are fun for you and your cats every month. Cat moms and dads love the cute themes.

The personal note for kitties in meowboxes is a nice touch to the box, and this means a lot to people who bought a meowbox.

meowbox’s advertising is a little misleading. Upon first glance, you might assume all of their toys are handmade. However, customers have reported that many of their toys are sourced from China. The fact is, some toys will come from China while others are handmade in the US. The point is, someone has tested the products and decided they are safe for cats to play with. KitNipBox explains this aspect of their product clearly in the product description.

The overall consensus from cat parents who bought these boxes is that some cats loved the toys and treats while others did not. It just depends on your cat’s personality. Also, both boxes sometimes left cat parents disappointed with the value of the box on the basis of what they spent.

Because both boxes essentially contain the same items, it’s recommended that you spend less money and go for KitNipBox. Their single cat box gives you the same amount of stuff that meowbox does for less money.

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There is no clear winner here as both boxes contain essentially the same items. However, if you are leary about spending money on a cat subscription program, go for KitNipBox to try it out first. For a personalized touch with a cute note, go with meowbox. Once you receive your box, though, you might be surprised to find out that you and your cat get hooked!

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