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meowbox Subscription Review in 2024: Our Experts Opinion

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on February 5, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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meowbox Subscription Review in 2024: Our Experts Opinion

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give meowbox a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Editor Rating: 4.7/5
Content: 5/5
Customization: 4/5
Shipping: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

What Is meowbox? How Does It Work?

meowbox is a popular subscription box for cats. It delivers a collection of cat items to your door every month or bi-monthly, depending on what you choose. Each box is based around some specific theme and comes with three exclusive toys, a treat, and a handmade toy.

You start by choosing the plan you want – either every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks. Your first box will either be that month’s box or one of the popular past boxes, depending on when you order within the month. All boxes ship on the 15th.

They carefully choose items for each box and select high-quality treats, which are always made in the US or Canada. All content is unique to meowbox and can’t be found anywhere else.

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meowbox – A Quick Look

  • Great value
  • Great customer service
  • Free shipping
  • Allergies accommodated
  • No guarantee

meowbox Pricing

Every meowbox costs $22.95. If you choose the monthly plan, they will charge you that much every month. If you purchase a bi-monthly plan, you will be charged that every other month. You are only charged during the month that your box ships.

Plans automatically renewed on the 1st of each month, when you are charged. However, the box doesn’t ship until the 15th of the month. Keep in mind, any cancellations or changes to your account will need to be done before the 1st of each month.

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What to Expect from meowbox

meowbox arrives in a cardboard box. The toys are wrapped in paper, so they are easy to unwrap quickly (since your cat will probably be begging for the catnip toys). Many pet owners reported that their cats could smell the catnip through the box and were excited as soon as it was brought in the door. Many cats rubbed all over it since they could smell the catnip toys inside.

There is a handwritten message with your cat’s name on the inside of each box. While this doesn’t provide any practical purpose, it is a nice personal touch. The boxes are made to withstand a bit of a beating since many cats love the now catnip-scented boxes just as much as the toys inside.

meowbox Contents

Each meowbox is built around a specific theme. The theme is a surprise each month, so you never know exactly what you’re going to get. They do not provide information about what is included in this month’s meowbox ahead of time.

However, each meowbox does come with at least 4 toys and 1 treat. Sometimes, more is included.

They can accommodate dietary restrictions, food allergies, and “picky” kitties. You can select edible items to include when you order your box. This setting can be changed at any time from your account page.

meowbox Customization

meowbox is not exceptionally customizable. Everyone receives the same toys and theme every month. The treats are also the same, for the most part. You can let the company know if your cat has any specific dietary restrictions, which will allow them to omit and switch out treat options if they aren’t particularly suitable for your kitty.

You can also select not to receive any treats at all. In this case, they will send you an extra toy. This is particularly suitable for cats that are on rigorous diets, like those with kidney disease. This may also be suitable if your cat has many intolerances, which may make it difficult for the company to find treats that are suitable for them.

You cannot customize the toys that are provided in any way. A few catnip toys are often included, though cats that don’t respond to catnip may not get a kick out of these.

meowbox Guarantee

meowbox doesn’t have a guarantee, per se. They do not replace any of the items if your cat doesn’t like them or if your cat ends up shredding the toys in only a few days. This is usually a much smaller problem with cats than it is with dogs. Cats tend to be less destructive with their toys, though they can be pickier.

If the box arrives damaged or something is missing, their customer service will help you as long as you contact them within 30 days. All meowboxes are a final sale, so you cannot return the box or any piece of the box. However, customer service will help you if there is a problem with your order – like a missing toy or a treat that doesn’t match up with your cat’s dietary restrictions.

meowbox Shipping

meowbox provides free shipping for all their orders. This includes boxes sent to Canada. All meowboxes are shipped domestically, so you will not need to pay customs fees either. If you need to change your address or anything else on your account, you can easily do so online. All shipping addresses need to be changed before the 1st of each month, even though the box doesn’t ship until the 15th. The company begins processing everything on the 1st.

Shipping usually takes about 2-8 days for most locations.

meowboxes can also be sent to military addresses, including AE, AP, and AA addresses. Tracking information for these particular boxes may be limited, and shipping may take a bit longer than it does to other places.

meowbox Ease of Use

The meowbox website is easy to use, and you can update your account at any time. We love that you can pause all further subscriptions quickly right from your account page. You don’t have to contact customer service or jump through any hoops.  You can pause subscriptions as you see fit as well, allowing you to skip months if your cats don’t need any more toys.

If you order your first box after the 24th of the month, you will automatically skip the next month. They assume that you don’t want two boxes back-to-back. If you don’t want to skip the box, you should contact them and let them know.

If you pause your subscription, you will still receive the boxes you have been billed for.3 cat face divider

Is meowbox a Good Value?

Every meowbox costs $22.95 and comes with at least four toys and a bag of treats. Often, they throw something in for the pet owner as well, like a pair of cat-themed socks. However, we won’t be using these “extras” in the calculation.

Most toys are listed as between $5 and $9.50 each. The catnip toys are often more expensive. If we’re assuming that we’re getting one high-quality toy in each box and three of the cheaper toys, then we’re looking at about $25 just for the toys.

We don’t know precisely what their treats’ retail value is, but the average bag of treats is about $5. Therefore, the absolute value of the box is about $30. Therefore, you are saving a bit of money. It’s not a ton, but you are saving about $7 a box. If they include more than one catnip toy, then you’re potentially saving closer to $17.

What the Users Say

Many users say that their cats loved meowbox. Their customer service is also excellent. Many customers who had issues with their boxes reported that the customer service team handled the issues quickly and appropriately. Some even claimed that the team of people behind the box was one of the biggest reasons they kept coming back.

As far as we could tell, there are very few negative reviews. Hardly anyone had anything negative to say. Some were upset that there was only one box size available, so you couldn’t receive more toys if you had many cats.

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meowbox is one of the most popular subscription boxes for cat owners – and for good reason. This box provides many toys as well as a treat. They aren’t super customizable, but they do have the ability to handle dietary restrictions.

Overall, this box is a great value. You’ll save at least a few dollars by getting the box instead of purchasing all the toys and treats separately.

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