On Labor Day, We Celebrate Cats with Careers


The Internet is filled with videos of cats performing all sorts of tasks, from hair styling to product testing to martial arts, but a review of the top cat news stories of 2012 reveals that there are four major career fields in which cats are disproportionately represented. To celebrate Labor Day, here’s a roundup of those felines and their occupations.

1. Politics

The most common career for cats is politics, which, if you think about it, makes total sense. Charming, demanding, and possibly a bit on the sociopathic side, the cat is the poster child for what a politician is all about.

Hank is running for a U.S. Senate seat in the state of Virginia on a platform of job creation, cross-species cooperation, and low-cost spaying and neutering for homeless animals. All contributions made at Hank’s website are donated to animal rescue groups.

Not to be outdone by his American peer, a 3-month-old Russian kitten threw his hat into the ring for a seat in the legislative body that governs the Sverdlovsk Oblast, a region located on the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains. Bublik’s platform demands an end to neutering, and he promises lower cat food prices if he’s elected to office.

Both candidates should look to a political veteran for inspiration and support. Stubbs became the mayor of the village of Talkeetna, Alaska, 15 years ago. He can’t see Russia from his house, but he understands the importance of diplomacy and staying in touch with his constituents better than many human politicians.

2. Security

Businesses all over the world understand the unique competence of felinekind when it comes to keeping prowlers at bay. The San Antonio Country Club, for example, worked with the San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition and Texas Barn Cats to place a team of feline security guards on the grounds. Their mission: to hunt for rodents and other vermin that could threaten health or safety at the facility. Oh, and to make people smile and laugh.

A crew of 65 cats patrols the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, to protect the masterpieces of art stored in the basement from the gnawing teeth of the vermin that live there. The cats even have human staff devoted exclusively to their care.

3. Mental Health/Social Services

Anybody who’s been owned by a cat for any length of time knows about the extraordinary intuition and comforting purr that qualify cats so well for the mental health industry. Bullet the Wonder Cat has been visiting patients at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, since 2007. Among his accomplishments: Giving a child with a traumatic brain injury a reason to start using his hands again; helping an unresponsive cat-loving boy to regain consciousness; and calming down countless terrified, homesick, and lonely children.

Jessi-Cat won the Cat of the Year Award for her work with Lorcan Dillon, a 7-year-old boy with selective mutism, an anxiety disorder that renders him unable to express his feelings or speak to people he doesn’t know well. Since Lorcan’s mother adopted Jessi-Cat, Lorcan has been making excellent progress at school and communicating better with strangers and teachers.

4. Entertainment

Although there are countless hours of entertaining feline videos and photos, some special cats enjoy giving live performances. Among those are Samantha Martin’s Amazing Acro-Cats and Rock-Cats. Martin’s feline crew surprises and entertains people all over the U.S. with their amazing antics. Not content just to have fun, though, Martin has found homes for more than 90 cats by fostering kittens and training them to do tricks.

If you’re sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labor today, consider your cat’s unique professional aptitudes and ask yourself, "If my cat had a job, what would it be?"

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