Katniss Thunder Paw Is Your New Feline Hero for the Ages


The Hunger Games books and movies are a phenomenon — so it’s only natural that pets are being named after the fantasy franchise’s most popular characters. Leader of the clowder is Katniss Thunder Paw, a charming kitty who’s named after Katniss Everdeen, star of the series.

If you’ve not yet started to follow this tabby cat’s popular Instagram feed, read on for your primer on a new feline hero for the ages.

The origin of Katniss Thunder Paw

Image via Instagram.

“We adopted Katniss from Animal Humane at their St. Paul location in Minnesota,” says this kitty’s foster mom, Margaret. While looking for a cat who wasn’t in the habit of playfully scratching, they chanced across Ms. Katniss, a 1-year-old stray.

“She has never been much for being held, but she is quite the smoosher!” says Margaret. “She rubbed on all of our legs and never showed her claws or teeth while we played with her in a private room. Even now as she chases our ankles throughout the house, teeth might touch our skin, but she immediately begins licking.”

Katniss’ personality revealed

Image via Instagram.

When it comes to Katniss’ demeanor, Margaret says she’s “extremely friendly to all humans” but likes to show her affection strictly on her own terms. “She is codependent on me, and my lap is the only one she’s knowingly sat in,” she explains.

While sometimes it seems like Katniss would like a brother or sister play pal, Margaret adds that she seems afraid of other animals — although it’s an issue they’re working on.

Katniss 2.0

Image via Instagram.

Katniss the cat was named after the character in the book and movie franchise The Hunger Games. Talking about the kitty’s appreciation of the heroine, Margaret says, “Her namesake is much braver than she is, and that is definitely what she admires most about Katniss Everdeen.”

A Hunger Games contestant

Image via Instagram.

Speculating on Katniss Thunder Paw’s chances of winning the real Hunger Games, Margaret says, “Honestly, I don’t think she’d last through the third day — she’d get caught napping or get killed while scrounging for food that lived up to her high standards! She would definitely have to be in some sort of alliance to survive.”

That’s not to say Katniss wouldn’t develop a war tactic of her own: “She’d attack from trees, smacking anyone as they passed by.”

Board-game tactician

Image via Instagram.

In less physical pursuits, Katniss was recently captured taking part in a game of Cat-opoly, a feline-themed take on Monopoly. As for her approach to the game?

Well, it turns out she always takes a long-term view of the board game battle. “She has sorted out several family rivalries when playing Cat-opoly,” reveals Margaret. “Things get a little heated when we have family game night, and so we are often forced to take a break, so Katniss will then take it upon herself to mix things up a little. She always wins.”

Fashion avenue

Image via Instagram.

If you scroll through Katniss’s Instagram outlet, you’ll see that she can often be found dolled up in all sorts of fancy headgear. How does she take to the dressing up?

According to Margaret, “Katniss is not always agreeable to hats. Hats are definitely on her terms. She doesn’t go walking around the house with them on, but she is definitely on board for the treats. She’s a master manipulator; she knows exactly when I’m about to give up and put the treats away and then gives full cooperation.”

Also, Katniss hates collars but loves bow ties and bandanas.

Needs more tacky!

Image via Instagram.

When not homaging her idol in The Hunger Games, you can find Katniss venturing forward with her own Needs More Tacky movement.

What is such a thing, you ask?

Well, if above picture isn’t explanation enough, here’s Margaret with the inside scoop:

“There can never be enough tacky! Tacky means treats! Katniss never ceases to amaze me as we tacky up her house and she continues to go inside with a sense of pride and determination. Then she promptly removes any decor she doesn’t think is tacky enough. Tacky on!”

Scoot over to Katniss Thunder Paw’s Instagram page to check out her latest looks.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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