I Love All My Cats Equally … And One of Them a Little More Equally. How About You?


Every single one of them is your baby. You’d do anything for them, and you love them with all your heart. But do you find yourself loving one of your kitties just a little bit more than the others?

We’re not supposed to, of course. Just like you’re really not supposed to like one of your human kinds more than the other … but do you, anyway?

Maybe you always say hi to one of your cats first when you get home. Or maybe you always sneak one of them an extra treat at treat time. Or maybe you pet them a little bit more often.

Let’s face it: One of your kitties is probably mommy or daddy’s special girl or boy.

In my house, it happens, but not with me (at least not that I’m admitting!). My boyfriend, however, loves Moo. Moo gets picks up all the time, cuddled and coddled and even called into bed. Pimp gets a pet here or there and gets attention when he’s around, but not like Moo.

And it’s blatant, too. He has no shame about loving Moo more, and I kind of get it. Moo is a whore. He demands attention, and you can’t spend five seconds anywhere in the house without him being right there, on your lap or begging to be picked up.

Pimp, on the other hand, is a quiet old man who is content in one of his favorite spots, napping or relaxing. He gets on my lap and in bed next to me, but he doesn’t do it as much with the boyfriend, so it’s no wonder Moo ranks higher in his mind. He just seems to like him more, and we tend to like people who like us.

I get it, but it makes me feel bad for Pimp, so I find myself paying a little extra attention to him to make up for it. Pimp is 14 years old and has been with me his whole life. Moo came into our lives four years ago. My boyfriend doesn’t know life without Moo, but I have 10 years of extra history with Pimp, so I want to make sure he always feels super loved and still special ÔÇô- regardless of this attention whore who lives with us now.

If the BF spends 80 percent of his cat time with Moo, and I spend 50 percent of my cat time with Moo, then you can see that the math works out way in Moo’s favor. So I try to pay special attention to Pimp.

But then here’s the thing: Now I feel like I’m playing favorites with Pimp, and I feel bad about my Moo time!

I have always made it an extreme point not to show favoritism. When Moo first came into our home, I told them both I loved them, but I always made sure to tell Pimp, "I love you first." So that he knows he’s not replaced or missing out on attention he used to get all to himself.

If I’m playing with Da Bird with one hand for Moo, I’m throwing mice with my other hand for Pimp (of course they like to play with different kinds of toys). If I’m in bed, they each have their spots and get equal love before we go to sleep.

But it’s still easy to see how Moo could end up as a favorite, just because he’s more assertive and “fun” to be around. He likes the attention more, so it just makes sense that he gets more.

Do you do this with your cats? Do you find yourself calling one over to the couch more often or taking more pictures of one than the others? Flip through your phone pics and see! You just might surprise yourself.

Or maybe you’re like me and try extra hard not to show favoritism.

Which one of your cats is mommy or daddy’s little kitty? Let us know in the comments!

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