I Don’t Have the Room to Hoard Skin-and-Fur Cats, So Instead I Hoard Internet Cat Art


If you spend most of your waking hours scrolling through Tumblr and fashion blogs, like moi, then you’ve probably noticed that all the hawtest fashionistas are into cats. SRSLY.

Every fashion blog on Tumblr is a combination of neon nail polish, an Olsen twin corpse, and pictures of cats. (Don’t be mad, M-K and A fans, I heart them too — and ZOMG, did you read this?????)

ANYWAY, back to cats. The vain people of the world seem to gravitate toward cats, because, well, they’re the epitome of amour propre. They’re narcissistic and self-serving and firking beautiful, just like the Photoshopped CG modelbots we all aspire to be. Except they’re covered in fur, which n’est pas chic, but whatevs.

Cats are absolutely fab, and are the purrfect muses for art. Here are some of my favorite cat-inspired pieces I found floating in cyberspace.

These drawings are done by the foxy Ilse Valfre, who is a fashionista extraordinaire. She was born in Puerto Penasco and raised in Tijuana, Mexico.

What you see before your eyes is CATJAWN! What is CATJAWN, you might be wondering?

It’s the new era of cat-themed art. As described by its creator, the lovely Cassandra, CATJAWN is one part cat, one part landscape, and 10 parts awesome. And you can buy all her work as prints.

Sydney-based graphic designer Elizabeth is responsible for these hauntingly beautiful pieces.

So now that I’ve shared my latest favorites with you, tell me in the comments below what awesome cat art blogs or Tumblrs I’m missing out on!

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