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Cats rule the internet, and for good reason — they are silly, carefree, relentless, focused, lovable, kind, quirky and downright PAWdorable. As a proud cat parent, you may have noticed your phone’s photo gallery filling up with more and more pictures of kitty; so what’s next? How do you share that cuteness with the world and take your four-legged baby from ambiguous to Cat-a-licous, while traversing the ever-fun, ever-changing world of Instagram?

Find the right path

To begin this adventure, you need a clear voice and tone for your kitty’s page. If your cat were a person, what would they say to the world? Does your feline have a cause or message that can impact others?

The majority of “celebricats” have risen in the ranks because they add value to the world through relevant content and a congruent message interwoven throughout their posts. These kitties have won over hearts and been flooded with followers by leading the way for a cause or having a special message that touches the lives of cats and humans alike.

Follow that name

Once you discover your kitty’s path, begin to capture their essence and share it with others. Select a handle that is creative and unique to your PURRpose. This will set your cat apart from the pack as people filter through, find and follow their favorite felines. Some great cat accounts and handles are @instacat_meows, @cats_of_instagram, @lobstah_the_cat, @venustwofacecat, @aurorapurr, @meowstagram, and company handles likes @catladybox and @meowbox, plus festival handles like @popcatsshow.

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make your cat instagram famous
Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, was one of the first cats to become an Internet celebrity. Her account handle @realgrumpycat really sums up the theme. Today the account has 2.6 million followers. Photo: Hyperstar | Alamy Stock Photo| Getty Images

Fill with content

Content is key to catching attention in a sea of adorable kitty faces. From photos and videos to captions and cattitude, you have to think “big picture” as you and your cat look ahead to where you want to take your audience.

You can find calendars online that lay out social media holidays, in addition to the well-known ones we grew up with as kids. I highly recommend using this tool, as it allows for more discoverability in the virtual filing cabinet of the internet called “hashtags.”

Nala is the most followed cat Instagram account at 4.3 million followers. The account was created by her human Pookie to share photos of Nala with family and friends, but once it got people’s attention the focus spread to helping animals in need. Photo: WENN Rights Ltd | Alamy Stock Photo| Getty Images

Feature others

Aligning your cat with others is another great way to gain exposure while also helping out your fellow insta-FURRiends. I suggest subscribing to one of the monthly cat-centric box services, which deliver toys and treats that are interesting and seasonally relevant. This is a win/win since you will receive props for your happy cat to enjoy during their photo sessions, while also creating the possibility of a repost as you hashtag that account featuring their goodies.

make your cat instagram famous
Lil Bub stole everyone’s heart with her special-needs story and overall adorableness. The account is known for spreading a message of positivity, acceptance and inspiration. Today her account has 2.4 million followers. Photo: Getty Images

Feed your audience with photos

Meow for the best part, capturing cute kitty pics and videos that will make your audience purr! All you need is a cat, a camera and some creative tips to nab that PURRfect pic. Here are some key components to consider when helping your future celebricat shine.

Start by working with your cat’s affinity for natural lighting. As a proud cat parent, you have witnessed your fur baby run to the window when a bird flies by, a squirrel taunts them or they simply want to bask in the light. This is an advantage when creating content, as diffused light (aka cloud coverage) is best for taking pictures or videos. You can also drape a sheer white curtain in front of the window for the same effect. Make sure they are facing the light while you position yourself away from it.

Next, remember that cat toys are your friend! One of the best ways to create an insta-worthy photo is to use a dangly toy with one hand while holding your phone or camera in the other.

This is one of my favorite things to do, since it blends playtime and bonding time with your suPURRstar, while also allowing for a natural convergence of kitty striking that perfect pose.

When it’s relevant to your post, also give them a prop that ties in for a theme and let them naturally connect while having fun.

make your cat instagram famous
The most important tip is to have fun capturing cute kitty pics for your account. This is Jessica’s cat Bordeaux. Photo: Jessica Spawn

File under must - know

On the technical side, there are a few things to note:

  • Instagram has a variety of filters you can use, which allows you to balance the feel and flow of the page with the color choices you select for your photo.
  • Social media is ever-changing. Current thought is to post daily once to no-more-than three times.
  • Instagram has “stories,” which you can upload near the profile pic. These increase views and last 24 hours before they are archived.
  • From there, you can create “highlights,” which are CATagories of the stories, set up and creatively managed by you.

Feel free to # hashtag

The hashtag is a great way to organize your posts and connect with others following a theme. A hashtag starts with what was traditionally the pound sign (#) followed by a keyword/phrase that people can use for an online search. So if you love cats, you search for the hashtag #lovecats. Hashtags are placed in the caption.

You can then tag (notify someone you mentioned her, plus hyperlinks to the tagged profile) a few of the pages that you hashtagged in your caption under your post where it says “tag.” Just like the childhood game, it’s very on the nose … tag, you’re it. This can lead to a repost, which allows that PAWdience to enjoy your kitty’s pic and further your reach. Tags are placed in the photo area.

When setting up a new post, tag a few of the pages that you hashtagged in your caption. You can do this under the “Write a Caption …” section where it says “Tag People.”

And let’s not forget to mention @mention, which is another kind of tag placed in the caption section. For more tagging information, check out the Tagging and Mention section in the Instagram Help Center.
Find the fun

Bottom line, make sure you have a “why” that resonates with your cat’s ideal followers. Use creative yet minimal exposition in your kitty’s post. Share your success by helping promote others and have FUN! This is a journey between you and your soon-to-be “Instafamous” cat. The MEOWst important part is to enjoy the journey with your fur baby.

Featured Image: vvvita | Getty Images

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