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How to Handle the Post-Kitten Blues: 4 Cat Care Tips

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team


How to Handle the Post-Kitten Blues: 4 Cat Care Tips

Kittens are adorable little creatures. If you’re like most people, the process of taking care of a kitten (or an entire litter of them!) feels rewarding and satisfying. However, kittens grow up quickly, and before you know it, you’re taking care of a fully grown feline. With the experience of watching your cat grow into an adult can come what cat enthusiasts refer to as “the post-kitten blues.”

Fortunately, these don’t stick around forever. The trick is to get through the blues with minimal heartache and mental distress. Once you accept that your cat has grown up and you start enjoying their adult-like qualities, you likely won’t mourn their kittenhood any longer. In the meantime, here are a few things that you can do to handle those post-kitten blues like a champion.

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The 4 Top Tips for Handling the Post-Kitten Blues

1. Remember the Good Times

You don’t have to forget about your cat’s kittenhood just because they’ve become an adult. Being able to look back and remember the good times when they were a kitten can help ensure that you don’t spend too much time (if any) mourning that era. Consider creating a photo album full of pictures that feature your feline family member as a kitten. Whenever you’re feeling a bit down about not having a baby cat around, pull out the album and reminisce. You can remember all the good times but also recall the “bratty” and not-so-great times and get yourself emotionally centered again.

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2. Share Your Experiences

A great way to keep the experience of your cat’s kittenhood alive is to share your experiences with other people on the internet. Start a blog, create or take part in a podcast, or volunteer at a shelter to help educate potential adopters. You can share all your experiences, from the first time that you laid eyes on your beautiful kitten to the time that they ruined your favorite outfit that you were planning to wear for an event. Sharing your experiences will help keep your memories alive and make it less likely that you will miss the kitten years enough to become depressed or stressed out.

3. Make Bonding a Priority

Falling in love with a kitten doesn’t take much because they are so adorable. However, as a cat ages, bonding is necessary to maintain that love connection. Therefore, make it a priority as your kitty grows into adulthood.

Spend at least 10 minutes a day playing with your cat to help ensure a tight bond. Snuggle with your feline a few times a week. Consider setting up a bed for your cat right next to yours so you can snooze together at night. The more bonded you are with your cat once they become an adult, the less likely you will miss their kittenhood.

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4. Think of Playtime as Essential

Many cats learn how to keep themselves company when they’re older, so they don’t ask for or require as much playtime with their human companions as they did when they were kittens. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t embrace playtime when the opportunity is there. This is great news if you’re missing your feline’s kittenhood because it means you can get back to basics and play the same games.

Be aware that they might not play in the same way as when they were a kitten. They might be a bit slower, or they may skip games that they used to love in favor of others that they have discovered since. When all is said and done, simply playing with your adult cat should give you the same feelings that you had when playing with them as a kitten. So, when you miss kittenhood, play with your cat, and remind yourself of those fun days of kitten shenanigans.

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The post-kitten blues are real but they are not permanent. Utilizing the tips and tricks outlined here, you can move beyond those blues and start a new chapter of life with your beloved furry family member. You can also reminisce and relive your favorite moments with your cat once they reach adulthood. It’s all about your frame of mind and your intentions!

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