Gus the Klepto Kiwi Cat has a Shoe Fetish


Gus Kelly is an unrepentant Kiwi kleptomaniac with a penchant for shoes that inches into fetish territory. To date, he’s pinched over 60 shoes from the Rosedale area.

His owner, Meredith Kelly, is embarrassed and befuddled over the behavior of her 2-year-old cat, and is clueless as to how to stop him (evidently, she hasn’t considered nailing the cat flap shut).

“At first I thought it was a bit funny, then a bit weird, now it has gone too far.”

Gus wasn’t always so gaga over shoes. He began his criminal career by practicing on bark chips, leaves and newspapers. He tried to ingratiate himself to Miss Kelly’s partner by bringing home rugby magazines. Then he graduated to clothing, including some “interesting” items of underwear.

Once Gus stole his first shoe, he was hooked. Footwear has been his target of choice for the past few months.

His booty covers the spectrum, including hiking boots, children’s dress shoes and sandals.

“But he has quite good taste,” points out Kelly.

Unlike most thieves, Gus doesn’t keep his habit quiet. He announces each catch in an elaborate presentation that includes a merry meow.

“He either leaves the things in the hallway or, if they’re too big to get through the cat-flap, on the step.”

Full of hubris, he even returns to the crime scenes to fetch shoes to complete pairs.

Miss Kelly has tried to find the owners of the objects, leaving them in a box outside her house, but there have been no takers.

“I just don’t know what to do, but I do want to get this stuff back to the owners.”

She has now become concerned that one of the targets of Gus’ activities could be trying to track him and she fears might hurt him.

[SOURCE: The Southland Times]

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