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Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper (2024 Review)

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on July 2, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Fuller Brush Review

Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper (2024 Review)

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Editor Rating: 4.7/5
Noise Level: 5/5
Effectiveness: 4/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Durability: 5/5

The Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper is a convenient, portable cleaning tool that’s designed for quick pickups on many different surfaces. Thanks to its electrostatic technology, this sweeper attracts dirt and debris without needing electricity or batteries. Therefore, it’s also very quiet—perfect for homes with noise-sensitive animals (or children).

We highly recommend this sweeper for apartments, busy families, and anyone with pets. It’s great for cleaning up small messes, including pet fur. However, it’s important to realize that this sweeper isn’t for deep cleaning or cleaning a whole room. It’s designed for spot cleaning, and that’s what it does best.

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Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper – A Quick Look

Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper

  • Designed for small messes
  • Quiet operation
  • Very easy to use
  • Durable
  • Not suitable for deep cleaning
  • Limited capacity
  • Doesn’t work on high-pile carpets


Weight: 4 pounds
Assembly Required: No
Batteries Required: No
Surface Suggested: Any
Warranty: 3 years


When you’re purchasing a sweeper, your first concern is probably whether it works or not! Luckily, this sweeper works very well for picking up small messes and daily touchups. All you have to do is push it across the floor. Because it has an electrostatic charge, it attracts dirt and debris to it. It’s particularly good at attracting fur, making it great for homes with cats.

However, this isn’t a one-trick pony. While it’s great for picking up cat hair, you can also use it to pick up messes after snack time or dirt that’s been tracked in from outside.

Noise Level

Because it doesn’t use batteries or electricity, it’s extremely quiet. If your cat is sensitive to noises, this sweeper can do a wonderful job of helping you clean up without scaring everyone. You can also use it in the morning or late at night without disturbing anyone.

Many users loved the noise level, and it seems to be one of this sweeper’s main selling points.

Not for Deep Cleaning

This sweeper is great if you use it for what it was made to be used for, which is light messes. It will not replace your fill-sized vacuum for deep cleaning once a week. It will keep your floors cleaner between sessions, though. It’s also very easy to empty and maintain without any bags or fillers. However, it has a very limited capacity, so you’ll need to clean it much more often than a full-sized vacuum.

Of course, this probably won’t be a problem if you use it for small messes, as it was designed.

It also doesn’t work very well on high-pile carpets. The static attracts the carpet strands instead of the dust itself, making it much less effective at cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the Fuller Brush sweeper really work?

This sweeper works very well for certain jobs. For instance, it works great on tile, wood floors, and low-pile carpets for quick clean-ups. It can quickly remove cat fur from your cat’s favorite sleeping spot, for instance. Plus, it’s very easy to use and quiet, making it a great option for quick clean-ups.

Does the Fuller Brush still exist?

Yes! The fuller brush still exists, and it’s actually being made in the same factory it was decades ago. The design has changed a bit as technology has improved, but it’s still exceptionally similar to the brush your parents may have used.

Is a carpet sweeper as good as a vacuum?

A carpet sweeper will not be as effective as a regular vacuum. However, it isn’t supposed to be. A carpet sweeper is best used for quick clean-ups between vacuuming sessions. They’re quiet and lightweight, making them easier to use for small, messy areas. They help keep your floor cleaner between vacuum sessions.

Image Credit: Mr-Mrs Marcha, Shutterstock

Do carpet sweepers work on hard floors?

Yes, carpet sweepers are very effective on hard floors—often more effective than on a carpet. Their electrostatic technology works very effectively on hard surfaces.

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What the Users Say

The reviews for the Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper are often positive. Users state that it’s very effective for quick clean-ups and easy to use. Plus, some with noise-sensitive cats loved that they could keep their house clean without sending their furry friends scrambling underneath beds. It easily handles everyday messes like dust and pet hair.

It’s also very lightweight and compact. For those with limited mobility, this is a huge plus. You also don’t have to haul your vacuum out of the closet every time you need to clean up a small mess.

According to many reviews, this sweeper is very durable and lasts for years. It does have a multi-year warranty, as well. So, it’s pretty clear that the company expects each sweeper to last a long time.

That said, there are some negative reviews. Many of these were complaining that the sweeper wasn’t exceptionally effective. However, it’s for cleaning up small messes only. If you understand this before you buy it, you’re less likely to be disappointed.

It also doesn’t work well on high-pile carpets. It attracts the carpet strands instead of the dust, which isn’t very helpful!

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The Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper is great for picking up cat hair and other messes. It’s effective on low-pile carpets, tile, and wood. It uses electrostatic to attract debris and dirt without being noisy, making it great for quick, quiet pickups.

However, this sweeper is for in-between cleanings when you don’t want to drag out your whole vacuum. If you understand its limitations, you’re more likely to like this sweeper. If you expect it to replace your vacuum, though, you’ll be disappointed.

For multi-cat households (or those with one really hairy cat), this sweeper can be an easy, effective way to keep your home a little bit cleaner.

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