Feline Funnies: 8 SNL Sketches Starring Cats


This past weekend, Steven Spielberg stopped by Saturday Night Live to help Andy Samberg and Bill Hader pitch “Laser Cats 7.” The digital short is the latest and perhaps final episode in the series about a future in which cats develop the ability to shoot laser beams out of their mouths. When the original “Laser Cats” premiered in 2006, it wasn’t the first time that feline humor lent itself to some memorable sketches on the classic comedy show. SNL knows that everything is funnier when you add kitties to the mix.

Laser Cats!

The original 2006 “Laser Cats!” digital short introduced us to a universe in which a nuclear explosion had created a race of laser-beam-spitting kittens, and even featured a cameo by a fresh-faced Lindsay Lohan. The series now consists of seven episodes and has featured cameos from stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Christopher Walken, Steve Martin, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, and Elton John.

Toonces the Driving Cat

One of the most popular ongoing SNL cat sketches of all time has to be Toonces, the cat who could drive a car. The ambitious domestic shorthair could drive, but as his owners Steve Martin (later replaced by Dana Carvey) and Victoria Jackson would always point out, just not very well. The first Toonces sketch appeared in 1989 and went on to inspire several follow-ups, along with a half-hour prime-time comedy special. Toonces was also joined by numerous guest stars over the years, who often ended up with the same fate of being driven off a cliff (yet miraculously, everyone always survived).

Cat Cuisine

Braised lamb, venison ravioli, and broccoli rabe sure sound good … until they get the SNL treatment. This commercial parody from 2010 pokes fun at cat food makers, and serves as a reminder that what you see on the package isn’t always what you get!

Litter Critters

Looking for an alternative use for Fluffy’s litter box waste? Cheri Oteri starred in this commercial for Litter Critters, a craft kit for kids that easily transforms cat poop into fun children’s toys.

Pet Cat

Rachel Dratch and guest star Paul Giamatti are ready to cap off a great first date — that is, until her overbearing cat Franklin (played by a fur-suit-clad Fred Armisen), rudely interrupts their romantic interlude.

Christmas with the Cat Lady

Robert DeNiro dresses in drag to portray a bitter crazy-cat lady who’s just trying to enjoy a quiet Christmas at home with 80 of her closest kitty-babies.

Action Cats

Forget about boring cat clothing with no discernible function. Action Cats are suits of armor that launch weapons, glow in the dark, and turn your puss into a lean, mean, kitty-fighting machine. The 22 styles of suiting include Stego-puss, Skele-Kitty, and Laser Gal — and just like any too-good-to-be-true product advertised on TV, both cats and batteries are sold separately.


Described as “the hairball remover that cats ask for by name,” Eych parodies the iconic Meow Mix commercial, which features a group of singing kitties who meow in song for their next meal.

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