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How To Get Your Cat Into Commercials: Tips To Make Your Pet a Star

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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How To Get Your Cat Into Commercials: Tips To Make Your Pet a Star

There’s no denying that any pet cat can be a wonderful companion. However, some have special star quality or possess a strong work ethic that indicates that they may enjoy having a special job or hobby. If you notice that your cat likes being in front of a camera or receiving attention, they may have the potential to become a successful animal actor.

It’ll take time and dedication to introduce your cat into the animal acting scene. Here are some things that you can expect and work on if you’re interested in having your cat star in a commercial.

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The 5 Tips on How to Get Your Cat into Commercials

1. Build a Pet Portfolio

If you’re just getting started, it’s important to start showing off your cat’s potential. You can build a portfolio for your cat by starting a social media account or creating a website. Your pet’s portfolio should consist of portrait shots and videos. If you’re not familiar with pet photography, it may be worth investing in scheduling a pet photoshoot with a professional pet photographer.

You can also add information about your cat’s skill sets, personality, and any relevant experience. Make sure that your contact information is easy to find so that potential clients can reach out to you as quickly as possible.

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2. Start Training Your Cat

Start building your cat’s patience and exposure to commercial filming settings. Some things that cats will have to get used to are cameras, lights, and photo backdrops. Commercial sets can also have a lot of people, so make sure your cat is used to meeting new people and feeling comfortable around strangers.

It’s also helpful to teach your cat basic commands. Knowing how to sit and walk to a specific spot on command is extremely helpful when shooting a commercial. It can be very appealing to clients if your cat is able to cooperate with filming.

3. Find an Agent

You can try contacting advertising agencies near you to see if they’re open to taking in new animal actors. Advertising agencies have far more connections to commercial opportunities and can help get your cat’s paw in the door. Just make sure to work with reputable agencies only, as some people may just try to scam you and charge high fees.

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Image Credit: Prostock studio, Shutterstock

4. Participate in Photo Competitions

Submitting photos of your cat in photo competitions can be great exposure for your cat. Many magazines, websites, and blogs will host photo competitions, and some may even offer prizes for winners. If your cat photos win, they’ll be posted on various online platforms for more people to see. You can also add accolades to your pet portfolio.

You don’t need an expensive camera to submit photos. Just make sure you have good lighting and that the images show up clearly.

5. Keep Your Cat Healthy

A healthy and happy cat will look better on camera. So, make sure to stay on top of your cat’s diet, exercise, and grooming routine. Feeding your cat high-quality cat food can help them feel good on the inside while looking good on the outside. It’s also important to make sure you have a good grooming routine set in place. This will help maintain your cat’s skin and coat health and ensure that their fur is smooth and shiny.

Don’t forget about keeping tabs on your cat’s dental hygiene. Dental disease is a common health issue in cats, especially as they age. So, make sure to keep your cat’s teeth clean and camera-ready.

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Image Credit: Jaromir Chalabala, Shutterstock

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Prioritize Your Cat’s Happiness

While it may be fun to go to commercial shoots and see your cat on screen, being an animal actor isn’t for every cat. Cats that have certain personalities and temperaments are better suited for commercial gigs. Outgoing cats and cats with mellow personalities often do better on commercial sets. Cats that are shy, introverted, or athletic usually don’t enjoy shooting commercials.

You are your cat’s best advocate. So, if you notice that your cat’s feeling particularly stressed out or uncomfortable throughout any process, it’s best to stop pursuing this avenue. Make sure to keep an eye out on your cat to see that they’re staying calm and enjoying the experience.

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Some cats have certain qualities that can make them successful animal actors who get featured in commercials. However, even if your cat’s a natural in front of the camera, it’ll take a significant amount of time and effort to get them into the animal acting scene. So, make sure to consider the costs before diving into the world of pet commercials. It takes hard work to find and seize opportunities to get your cat featured in commercials.

Featured Image Credit: Ingus Kruklitis, Shutterstock

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