Cat-Themed Holiday Ornaments You and Your Family Can Make


The holidays are the perfect time for families to come together to bake cookies, watch nostalgic movies or decorate the Christmas tree. Tree-trimming is one of my family’s favorite traditions. We make hot chocolate (with peppermint schnapps for those who are of age), listen to our favorite Christmas songs (mine is “Oh, Holy Night”) and place the decor upon the old tannenbaum.

Another family-style project that’s appropriate for most any age is creating homemade ornaments. For those cat-loving clans, kitty-themed ones can be super fun to make, especially ones where family felines are featured. I found lots of ideas for DIY (or inspiration for DIY) ornaments online, but most are not cat-related. No worries — they can all be catified! Here are seven of them.

For full instructions or more details about each ornament, click on the link in the titles.

1. Time capsule

This ornament is meant to capture all the important memories and milestones for a child that happened during the year. This can easily be catified to include a photo of your cat, or your child and your cat. The child can type (or tell you) their favorite kitty-related memories from that year. It’s probably best to stick with the good ones, though — “That time Peanut vomited in my slipper” isn’t really filled with that feel-good memory you’re probably going for.

Then, cut out the typed memories and place them inside the ornament. Really, you can use a clear ornament to create any sort of fun decoration with your kitties in mind.

2. Painted cat-face

These are available for purchase, but I think they’d be easy to make using plain round ornaments and paint or paint pens. You could even design ones that look like your cats! Meow!

3. Papier-mach├®

With newspaper, paste, paint, and other easily found supplies, you and your family can create these adorable papier-mach├® ornaments adorned with kitty faces. Cute, cute, cute!

4. Felt photo frame

Felt, glue and other festive additions make an easy-to-create holiday ornament that doubles as a photo-frame memory. Your child can choose a favorite photo of your cat to place in the middle, and even use stick-on numbers to commemorate the year somewhere on the frame, which can be any shape. Make it a “heart-felt” (ha ha) holiday with this photo-frame ornament!

5. Pipe-cleaner kitties

It’d be pretty simple to re-create these ornaments using colorful pipe-cleaners and a cut-out photo of your cat’s head. You could laminate the photo, too, so it’s sturdier and doesn’t fade as quickly. These really make me laugh — I think I’m going to add this project to my family’s holiday fun-time. I want to see a pipe-cleaner Cosmo.

6. Paper photo frame

Like the felt ornament, this one can be an adorable frame for your favorite kitty’s photo. It’s simple to make and can be customized with scrapbook stickers, markers or crayons.

7. Salt dough

I remember making and painting salt-dough ornaments when I was a kid. I can even taste the dough (yeah, I was a curious kid). The dough is easy to throw together and kitty-shaped cookie cutters make sweet decorations for your tree.

Does your family make homemade holiday decorations? Tell us about it in the comments!

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