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5 Creative DIY Cat Window Guard and Screen Protector Plans (With Pictures)

Written by: Kerry-Ann Kerr

Last Updated on June 9, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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5 Creative DIY Cat Window Guard and Screen Protector Plans (With Pictures)

Most cats enjoy nothing more than lounging by a window and enjoying the sun. Their favorite spot might worry you because of their proximity to your window screens, which can be a pretty tempting scratching post when you’re a cat.

Commercial window guards and screen protectors are available but can be expensive. The alternative is to make your own. These DIY alternatives are great ways to save money and, most importantly, keep your cat safe!

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The 5 DIY Cat Window Guard and Screen Protector

1. DIY Magnetic Insect Screen Kit by easyfixscreen

Materials: PVC strips, magnetic strips, PVC corners, pull strings, fiberglass mesh
Skill level: Intermediate
Other tools needed: Knife/scissors

It’s not technically for cats, but it will work just the same. This DIY magnetic insect screen kit requires some skill and effort on your part to put together, but it won’t take a DIY expert to assemble. Although the video shows you all the necessary steps for constructing the screen, the picture quality is poor, and you may want to take notes while viewing it instead of watching it multiple times.

2. Cat Proof Windows With Fence Wire by Pixel Cat

Materials: Fence wires, screws, washer
Skill level: Beginner
Other tools needed: Drill, scissors/wire cutters, tape measure

This is more of a long-term option. If you need something sturdy that can’t come off, this is the screen for you. It requires you to drill into the window frames, but if you have a very determined cat, this might be a better option for your family. The screens are also bigger than plastic window screens, but they won’t block out light or air, so while bulky, they’re still functional.

3. Wire Mesh With Cable Ties by Winnie Luthien Thye

Materials: Wire mesh, cable ties
Skill level: Beginner
Other tools needed: Wire mesh, cable ties

Cable ties are much less destructive than other ways of securing a screen to your window. This video shows how to attach the removable, basic wire mesh to a window using cable ties. It is a more limited option because it requires a window with a frame or grill attached so you can use the cable ties. The finished product is also a little messier since cable ties aren’t very professional-looking. However, it’s worth it for simplicity and the assurance that you can remove them without any damage to your windows.

4. Plexiglass Screen by What RV Doing?!

Materials: Plexiglass
Skill level: Beginner
Other tools needed: Plexiglass cutter, measuring tape

This plexiglass screen is for pet-proofing your RV, but it’ll work the same for your house in keeping your windows and cat safe. It can be challenging to get the plexiglass size just right to fit in the frame. It also means your airflow will be disrupted once it’s up, so keep that in mind if you attempt this project. It won’t cut off airflow completely, but it will cut down on the breeze you usually get.

5. Pet Mesh Window Screen by Inspire DIY

Materials: Pet window mesh, spline
Skill level: Intermediate
Other tools needed: Flat screwdriver/spline tool, scissors/knife, tape measure

Pet mesh is a little thicker and denser than standard window screens, but this will have a similar finish to a store-bought screen. In the video, you can follow instructions to replace the thin fly screen with pet mesh. If your spline is in good condition once you take it out, you can reuse it; if not, you’ll need to replace it. This pet mesh window screen is pretty simple, as the hardest part is getting the spline back into place.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this list has been helpful and has inspired you to take on a project to keep your windows and cat safe from one another! There are long-term and short-term options, and some of these screens require crafting skills, but thankfully, if construction is not your thing, there are much simpler alternatives on our list that will still save you money.

Featured Image Credit: ronstik, Shutterstock

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