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Choupette Is NOT a Diva (But She Plays Dress-Up in Secret)

Here's more about the long-haired lovely who calls fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld "Daddy."

Phillip Mlynar  |  Oct 18th 2016

Choupette is a luxurious long-haired kitty who claims the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld as her human. Her trending Instagram account gets right to the heart of her appeal, calling her a “spoiled Chanel pussy whose maids pamper her every need.” She has also inspired the iconic designer’s Choupette In Love line of clothing and accessories.

Let’s look closer at this fashion forward feline.

The real Choupette

According to her human handler, Choupette is “the most pampered pussy in the fashion industry.” Naturally, self-confidence is not an issue with this one, and she’s said to “hold herself with her head and whiskers held high.”

To diva or not diva?

Choupette is also a cat with a sassy tongue. Asked what’s the most diva-like behavior Choupette has ever exhibited, we were informed in a very stern manner: “Choupette prefers not to be called a diva. She just has high standards.” We stand corrected!

A helping hand

When it comes to the ever-present maids in Choupette’s pampered life, it seems that they are mandated to work around the clock to ensure this kitty is kept comfortable. “My maids do anything and everything I request,” she relayed to us, “from pet-icures to heavy petting.” She added that she meant that last task in a specifically “non-sexual way.”

Dress you up in my love

The official record states that Karl Lagerfeld — whom Choupette calls “Daddy” — insists that this kitty does not like to be dressed up. But the truth? When no one’s looking, “Choupette plays dress-up in secret.”

It’s all about the labels, darling

Naturally, when it comes to dolling herself up for high-end V.I.P. occasions, you’ll find Choupette reaching for the Karl Lagerfeld pieces in her feline wardrobe. But if she ever does dabble with other designer brands, we have it on good authority that Fendi is her secondary label of choice.

Fall’s faux fashion tip

Now that fall is here, it’s time to switch up your wardrobe. Asked about the season’s most essential new trend, Choupette had advice that’s curt but resolute: “Faux fur makes the human woman.”

Ponytails are for playing, right?

One of Choupette’s most popular Instagram posts involves a picture of her cooped up in a “cat jail” along with the caption, “But Daddy, I promise not to use your ponytail as a toy ever again.”

After asking the hard-hitting follow up questions, it transpires that Choupette definitely learned from this harsh life lesson and has curbed her behavior appropriately. As her human publicist stated, “That was the first and last time after she got a good swatting.”

Sashay over to Choupette’s Instagram account to follow her high fashion lifestyle.