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Check Out These Cats Getting Cozy With Vinyl Records

The Cats & Crates Instagram account pairs pictures of cats with rare, obscure, and sometimes downright bizarre LP records.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Feb 17th 2016

When not furthering the noble discipline that is cats and beer, I like to fritter away my time exploring the world of cats and music. That being so, it wasn’t long before I stumbled across the Cats & Crates Instagram account. It’s hosted by a feline called Mischa and details her adventures into the world of vinyl record collecting. (Digging around a little suggests Mischa might belong to the Brooklyn-based producer Marco Polo.)

Here’s your primer on the cats-and-crates movement.

The custodian of records


Image via Instagram.

Here we have our venerable host, Mischa, lounging around on a stack of newly discovered treasures from the De Wolfe Music label — an imprint known for its coveted library music releases. Mischa is clearly a kitty with discerning ears.

A Romanian pop prince


Image via Instagram.

Check out Mischa showing the breadth of her musical appreciation. Here she’s been snapped next to a prize find from the Romanian pop prince Dorin Anastasiu. Don’t ask me to name his biggest hit.

Open for business


Image via Instagram.

Mischa’s friend Sigmund is new to the record collecting scene — as evidenced by the wide open spaces in his vinyl storage setup. He’s in fine company, though, counting no less a figure than Dr. Dre as an upstairs neighbor.

Jake and Grover


Image via Instagram.

“My cousin Jake has great taste!” exclaims Mischa of her striking all-white crate-digging ally. In this case, Jake is about to relax the afternoon away to Grover Washington Jr.’s jazz-funk album Paradise.

Live from Poland


Image via Instagram.

Maniek is one of Mischa’s pals from Poland. Here this portly but proud ginger cat has been captured in the act of frolicking with some of his favorite finds, including the iconic tag-team soundclash of Michael Jackson’s Bad and The Clash’s London Calling.

So precious


Image via Instagram.

Straight outta Rhode Island, Mischa’s cohort Mya is a big fan of soulful sounds. Here she’s guarding her prized copy of Precious Wilson and Eruption’s Leave A Light project. The spunky “One Way Ticket” is definitely Mya’s jam.

“Kto Potrafi Szepnąć Nie”


Image via Instagram.

Let’s check in with Jake again. Here’s he’s taken a trip to the Polish side by securing a copy of the pop chanteuse Stenia Kozłowska’s 1974 Stenia album. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the lady’s work.

Preaching to the choir


Image via Instagram.

Remember that time Mischa got into funky gospel tracks from the ’70s? Get familiar with her playlist, courtesy of the voice of Larnelle Harris.

Lounge music


Image via Instagram.

Sometimes all that digging around dusty basements and rooting through stacks of dog-eared vinyl is just too much hard work for even the most devoted of cats. In these cases, make like Martha and turn a crate of vinyl into a warm nap spot.

Head over to the Cats & Crates Instagram page to satisfy your urge for pictures of felines posing with obscure records.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.