Jasper is our grand prize winner.

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Our fifth photo contest was just as much fun as the first four! We received nearly 2,000 entries, and we loved looking at each and every one of them. With our readers’ help, we narrowed it down to these three winners:

Grand Prize Winner: Jasper

Category: I Fits, I Sits

Jasper is a 5-year-old cutie who loves to explore, play and chase his favorite toys. He’s quite a jumper and has been known to do complete somersaults in the air while chasing his toy bird! He also enjoys splashing and playing in water, so his human mom, Debbie Fincher, keeps a special bowl full of water in the bathtub just for him to play in. A clever boy, he’s learned all kinds of tricks: sit, beg, pray, lie down, roll over and go into a room and close the door behind him. He performs these tricks on command — all for treats! Jasper also enjoys watching the birds, bunnies and squirrels outside while surveying his kingdom from the highest perch of his cat tree.

Debbie is a retired elementary school teacher, who also worked as a tutor/mentor to teenage girls living in a group home setting after being placed in foster care. She adopted Jasper while grieving the loss of her last cat, Gracie. After bringing him home, she discovered Jasper had some behavioral issues, which she later learned were the result of a botched four-paw declaw surgery. Because of his special needs, Debbie knew he would need a safe, secure and loving home along with lots of patience and attention.

Debbie loves spending time with Jasper, teaching him new tricks and building up his confidence. An animal lover her whole life, she’s had both cats and dogs. She donates to many animal rescue groups, but her favorite is the Tuscarawas County Humane Society in Ohio, which runs solely on donations and has four special cat colony “free roam” rooms where nine to 12 cats have their own individual spaces but can interact with adoptees and other cats.

Debbie and Jasper will receive a year’s supply of Ultra Cat litter, one bag of cleanprotein kibble and 12 cans of cleanprotein paté from Dr. Elsey’s.

How did she capture this shot?

“Jasper loves to find new places to explore so when I saw him all curled up in the window, he looked so comfy and content, I just had to get a picture of him.”

2nd Place Winner: Pumpkin and Tigger

Category: Friends Fur Ever

Pumpkin and Tigger are brothers who were rescued when they were 4 weeks old and have been inseparable ever since. Their human grandma, Joan Wayne, says that when her husband Bill found them by a river— dirty and hungry — she and their daughter, Kaity, fell in love with them at first sight. Since then, they have been the most loving cats to them and everyone they meet. Their favorite things are treats, feather toys, their cat condo and posing for photos. Joan keeps her phone on her at all times to catch their antics. She is rewarded with kisses, cuddles and kitty winks. Tigger and Pumpkin adore their mom, Kaity, who loves to snuggle with them.

A longtime cat lover, Joan is a retired bookkeeper who has plenty of time to be the kitties’ grandma. She enjoys RV trips with her family, but they really miss the kitties when they’re traveling.

She and her family enjoy bringing pet food to the homeless who have pets, and they donate to their local humane society, which helps strengthen the human-animal bonds in order to improve the quality of life for both our animals and our community.

Joan and the kitties will receive a six-month supply of Ultra Cat Litter, one bag of cleanprotein kibble and six cans of cleanprotein paté from Dr. Elsey’s.

How did she capture this shot?

“As I was emailing my photo contest entries to Catster, Grandpa Bill said, “Come and take a picture of these cats!” I found them snuggled together in the sink (which is one of their favorite places). They just looked up at me and posed for the shot. So, I added it to my entries!”

3rd Place Winner: Penelope June

Category: Cat Nap

Penelope June lives with her human parents on the 20th floor of a condominium building in Chicago. Needless to say, one of her favorite things to do is sit in her cat tree and look out the window. There’s a lot to see! She also enjoys looking at the bugs and birds that land on the balcony. When she’s not scattering her collection of stuffed toys down the hallway for her parents to find, she enjoys playing her mice games on an iPad and getting treats.

Her human mom, Tiffany Meier, found Penelope June on Petfinder. She created an account, and on the day she broadened her search, Penelope June popped up as a match. She ran to tell her boyfriend that she’d found the cutest, most precious kitten — but missed the fact that the kitten was in Indiana, not Illinois! But all it took was one look from her boyfriend, coupled with her excitement, and they took a road trip to bring her home.

Animals have always had a special place in Tiffany’s heart, and she donates to several animal charities, including the ASPCA, the World Wildlife Fund and local pet stores. Her favorite shelter, however, is Catsnip, Etc. in Goshen, Indiana, because that’s where she found Penelope June!

Tiffany and Penelope June will receive a six-month supply of Ultra Cat Litter, one bag of cleanprotein kibble and six cans of cleanprotein paté from Dr. Elsey’s.

How did she capture this shot?

“I saw her napping in her favorite bed, and she looked so adorable all curled up. This was about a month after we brought her home, so I was still very photo happy!”

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Meet our runner-ups. Thanks to all of this year’s talented photographers (and their kitties!) who took the time to enter.

[I Fits, I Sits]
Ann Gherardi
[I Fits, I Sits]
Teresa Burns
[Cat Nap]
Barbara Piacentino
[I Fits, I Sits]
Amanda Nuñez
[I Fits, I Sits]
Nicole Roach
[Friends Furever]
Saffron & Zilar
Susan Ingraffea
[Friends Furever]
Dory & Jafar
Tracie Hansel
[Cat Nap]
Heidi Tsoumbanas
[Cat Nap]
McKenzie Eggersgluss
[Friends Furever]
Finnleigh & Charlie
Megan Thut
[Friends Furever]
Paris & Emma
Patti Tan
[Cat Nap]
Tabetha Gallagher
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