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50 Amazing Cat Tattoos (With Pictures)

Written by: Jordyn Alger

Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

A girl with a cat tattoo on the beach.

50 Amazing Cat Tattoos (With Pictures)

Dogs may have earned the title of a man’s best friend, but cats hold a special place in every pet owner’s heart. Throughout the time you’ve spent with your cat, you’ve undoubtedly experienced plenty of love bites, zoomies, and cuddles. What better way to immortalize those wonderful memories than with a tattoo?

Below, we’ll show off 50 amazing cat tattoos to inspire you as you consider a tattoo of your own. Whether you are looking for something hilarious, cute, or heartfelt, there is an option for everyone on this list.

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The 50 Cat Tattoos

1. Heart-Shaped Kitties

Sometimes, cuddling cats form a perfect heart. If you’d like to recognize two of your beloved cats, a heart-shaped image could be the perfect way to do that!

2. Line Art Portrait

Honoring your furry friend doesn’t need to be complicated. With this line art portrait tattoo, you can capture every detail of your cat’s face forever.

3. A Snuggly, Fluffy Friend

Do you like burying your face in your kitty’s fluffy fur? Then, you’ll love this tattoo that shows off your cat’s long, luxurious fur. The details in this example are really stunning–just look at those paws!

4. Adorable Cartoon Cat

A cartoon is the perfect way to capture the personality of any silly cat. While this tattoo may not have as many details, sometimes simplicity is best.

5. Outline on the Ankle

Speaking of simplicity, look at this fantastic cat outline! This is a perfect tattoo for your ankle; you can place it on other areas of your body, such as your wrist.

6. Blank Silhouette

This blank silhouette is a perfect way to honor any cat (or cats) in your life. The featureless design ensures that this tattoo can resemble every cat in your heart.

7. Round and Happy

Few images are cuter than your cat lying belly up in the sunshine. Consider a tattoo like this round and happy cat to capture that feeling. The flowers that frame the cat are an excellent detail that adds a little personal flair.

8. Whiskers

Cat whiskers are one of the cutest features of any cat. This tattoo emphasizes the whiskers, giving you something adorable to look at if you get this tattoo somewhere visible.

9. Cats in a Line

Have you ever seen a picture of several cats sitting in a line? If you have, you know how charming the sight is. Keep the image around forever by tattooing it on your body!

10. In Your Heart

Our cats are forever in our hearts. Why not show it? This tattoo is a detailed, adorable portrait of your cat framed by a heart.

11. Four in a Row

If you like the idea of cats sitting in a row but want to keep it simple, this tattoo is perfect for you. Only the round faces of your cats will be showing, which is adorable all on its own.

12. Stunning Realism

Do you want to capture your cat in the finest detail possible? Then, a stunningly realistic tattoo may be your preference. In this sample, the cat is framed by flowers and has a diamond-like shape, yet the focus is entirely on their detailed eyes.

13. Tugging on Your Heart Strings

This simple yet colorful design adorably portrays a cat’s playfulness. Cats play with many things, but more than anything, they play with our hearts.

14. Sunflower

Many tattoos stick to black, gray, and minimal colors, but this one embraces vivid imagery. If you love color, flowers, and cats, this tattoo is the perfect fit for you.

15. Space Kitty

Cats are out of this world, and so is this tattoo! Show off a dazzling space kitty with this whimsical tattoo.

16. Perfect Pawprints

Display your cat and their adorable paws with this tattoo. In the original, each cat has their own unique paw pattern. If your cats have special paws, this could be a great way to show them off.

17. Mirror Image

With a few simple lines and bright colors, you can have a tattoo that will make anyone smile!

18. We’re Hungry!

Cats may have their own quirks, but almost every cat owner has experienced a cat begging for food. This tattoo is sure to have all of your cat-loving friends laughing at how relatable it is.

19. High Five… Or Four

You can give your cat a high-five every day by having this image tattooed onto your arm. With a tap of your fingers to the inked paw, you can share a special moment with your cat no matter how far apart you are.

20. A Stylistic Cat

This is a stunning tattoo for cat lovers with a unique sense of style. While it may look simple at first glance, the unique details in this tattoo make it truly memorable.

21. Ouch!

Cats are feisty. If you’ve ever been bitten or scratched by your beloved feline, this tattoo is a hilarious reminder of how spunky these adorable creatures can be.

22. Magical Cat

This is a truly unforgettable piece. With a mystical moon, a beautiful flower, and a stunning feline at the center of it all, this tattoo is sure to make more than just cat lovers stop and stare.

23. Stamp

This is a cute, clever way to frame a tattoo of your cat. The stamp frame is a simple yet timeless feature to enhance your tattoo.

24. A Floral Portrait

Cats and flowers just go together so well, don’t they? This colorful tattoo is a great way to immortalize your love for cats.

25. Diamond Frame

This tattoo is so detailed it almost looks real! The diamond frame fading in the background makes the cat look like they could pop out of the tattoo and start walking around.

26. The Witch’s Companion

While this tattoo may seem Halloween-themed, it is a perfect year-round picture for cat lovers with a spooky side.

27. A Loving Outline

Cat owners who appreciate the little things will enjoy this simple tattoo. It’s ideal for smaller areas of the body, such as the wrist or ankle.

28. Practically Purring

You can practically hear the cats purring in this tattoo, can’t you? This tattoo is sure to make you smile every time you look at it.

29. A Perfect Picture

Look at those stunning blue eyes! Tattoos like this are a reminder that you’re not just capturing an image in the ink but a memory.

30. Just a Little Guy!

You might have to squint to see this one. This tiny tattoo is sure to steal hearts almost as much as your tiny cat does! Even better, this tattoo can be placed on nearly any part of your body.

31. Curled Up

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping. If you want to carry a memory of your cat along with you, this may be the perfect way to do it.

32. The Zoomies

Cats are quirky creatures. For cat lovers who enjoy their cat’s silly side, this tattoo is sure to bring plenty of amusement.

33. A Stunning Side Profile

This incredible tattoo almost looks like a painting! Tattoos are truly works of art, and this one proves it.

34. Ghost Cat

We’ve displayed plenty of adorable, hilarious, and realistic cat tattoos. Now, it’s time for the tough ones. This ghost cat is a beautiful yet chilling image.

35. Frankenstein Kitty

Fans of monsters and classic literature alike will love this Frankenstein Kitty tattoo. The eerie tints of color make this tattoo genuinely unique.

36. All Tied Up

It’s impossible to deny a glint of mischief in this cat’s eyes. If you want a playful cat tattoo, this one shows off a feline’s lively side.

37. An Abduction!

The colors in this tattoo are otherworldly! It displays nearly every color in the rainbow, plus a UFO to really make it fun.

38. Spooky Cat

Cat owners with a mystical side may feel a connection to this tattoo. It is a great way to tap into the spooky side of cats.

39. Cute Cowboy

Your cat likely isn’t herding livestock, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t look adorable with a cowboy hat. You may never get to see your cat in a full cowboy outfit, but this tattoo will get you close enough.

40. Smooches

Cats can be aloof, but they show affection in their own special ways. This tattoo is a great reminder of how loving your cats can be.

41. Walking Along

When you see a cat walking along, it’s hard not to admire how cute they look. This tattoo can keep that image in your view all the time.

42. Pancake Cat

Cats can be as sweet as pie, or rather, pancakes. While pancakes aren’t a proper treat for your cat, that doesn’t mean they don’t look adorable together in this tattoo.

43. Tough Kitty

Cats are small, but they certainly aren’t helpless. If you want a picture of a tough kitty on your arm, this fearsome feline may be perfect for you.

44. Pink and Purple

Pink and purple flowers surround this adorable cat, adding stunning pops of color to the tattoo. While the pink and purple add a magical flair to the tattoo, you can change the colors to suit your style.

45. Little Paws

This tattoo is a great way to memorialize any cats you’ve had in your life. Even better, it can be easily added, too, as you invite more cats into your home over the years.

46. Big Stretch

Some cat owners like to say that cats defy the laws of physics, stretching or bending in strange ways when it suits them. This small tattoo is a funny way to acknowledge just how ridiculous cats can be.

47. Watercolor

Talk about a splash of color! This tattoo looks like a watercolor painting laid over the skin, giving it a surreal appearance.

48. A Fierce Skull

Cat lovers who want to show off how tough their cats can be will love this tattoo idea. This fierce tattoo provides a unique depiction of cats that few other tattoos can replicate.

49. Over the Moon

If your cat can find a way to nap anywhere, why not have them nap on the moon? This mystical tattoo is a great way to show how magical your bond with your cat is.

50. Prowling

Prowling is a favorite activity of cats, and since cats are many people’s favorite companions, it makes sense to get a tattoo like this.

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Cats are amazing creatures that hold a special place in our hearts. If you want to show the whole world how much cats mean to you, a cat-inspired tattoo is a great idea. Whether you are immortalizing a cat of your own or simply expressing a cool feline design, we hope this list has helped you gather some ideas for your tattoo.

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