Can My Cat Get Sunburned?




I’d heard about cats getting sunburned, but I thought it was all hype until I met a guy at my show who told me about his parents’ sun-sensitive cat. This particular kitty lives in a hot and sunny portion of the country, so they administer special pet-safe sunblock on their cat’s nose and ears every day!

If you notice your kitty’s nose and ears are getting crispy, you should talk to your vet about products that are safe to apply. Human sunscreen can have chemicals that are toxic to kitties, so don’t go slathering Mr. Piddles with Banana Boat!

“Sunburn Kitty” by Sarah Donner

Believe it or not, your cat can tan
They don’t need beach, they don’t need sand
If they are white, light, or bald
They are more susceptible

Soft-shell crab, potato chips, cereal, and fried chickens
Are delicious and crispy
That’s not what you want for your kitty

Check with your vet to get pet-safe sunblock
Smear it on their ears and nose
Keep them from prolonged exposure
Keep them inside between ten and four

Lettuce, wontons, bacon, and Kreme
Tempura, poppadums, onion rings
Are acceptable when crispy
That’s not what you want for your kitty

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