7 Fun Cat Posters for Kids’ Bedrooms


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Every memory of my childhood bedroom includes posters plastered on all four walls. I loved going to the book fair at school and choosing posters that featured cuddly kittens. I’d roll the newly purchased print carefully and fasten it with a rubber band. Then, I’d take it home with me on the school bus, guarding it against creases and damage caused by rowdy hooligans.

As I got older, there were less kitties on my walls and more Tiger Beat centerfolds of Ricky Schroeder and Duran Duran concert posters. Still, the kitties were always there. Even in my classrooms at school, the classic “Hang in There” posters were pinned to bulletin boards.

Well, it turns out I produced two kids who also love cat posters (surprise!). When my daughter was in elementary and middle school, she collected the Cat Fancy centerfold pullouts each month. After sufficiently poring over the featured kitty, she’d tape the little poster to her bedroom wall, along with the others from previous months’ issues.

If I were a kid now, I’d definitely hang all kinds of cute and cool cat posters on my walls. The selection has vastly improved and the Internet makes it easy to find just about any kind of cat-themed wall hanging. I decided to do some looking, and found a ton — many I’d hang on my walls, even as an adult! Here are seven of my favorites.

1. Space Cat ($12)

I found this vintage dictionary-art on Etsy (7.8 by 10.5 inches). These types of prints seem to be pretty popular, and I fell in love with this one. “Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a tabby-cat astronaut, just like the one on my poster!”

2. Catsicles (starting at $12.42)

I just love the art on the Redbubble site. There are some funky cat posters there, but look at these cats on sticks! Look at them! And yes, they are available in three sizes (I knew you were wondering).

3. The Hermitage Court Outrunner Cat (starting at $12.96)

Another Redbubble print that’s available in various sizes. I want to know this fellow, don’t you? He seems like he’d be well-mannered but up for a good time.

4. Hipster Galaxy Cat (starting at $13.23)

For your hipster kid who also like cats, space, and lasers (really, who doesn’t?). Zazzle offers this gem in multiple sizes.

5. Kittens in a Hammock ($7.99)

Rest assured, there are still adorable kitten posters out there, just like this one featuring fuzzy kittens napping in a hammock. Did I mention they are napping in a hammock? HIghly squee-worthy at 36 by 24 inches. Thanks, AllPosters.com!

6. Counting Spanish Cats (starting at $10.84)

My kids went to a Spanish immersion elementary school and would have loved to have these colorful gatos on their bedroom wall. I like how they look a little shady. Zazzle offers this one in mucho sizes.

7. Only My Cat Understands Me ($5.99)

Even at a young age, we cat lovers had a special connection with our kitties. The girl in this poster knows it; however, that calico looks like she’s had enough connection time. AllPosters.com sells this 13 by 19-inch vintage-style print.

What do you think of these posters? Do you have a memory of a favorite cat-themed childhood poster? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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