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15 Essential Cat Party Supplies for a Kitty-Themed Event

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on May 31, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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15 Essential Cat Party Supplies for a Kitty-Themed Event

Your kitty’s birthday is coming up, so what will you do to celebrate? Why not throw a party for your cat? Throwing a cat party is a fabulous way to celebrate your pet, and putting one together isn’t that complicated. You just need a few supplies and a bunch of your friends and their cats.

What supplies do you need for a kitty-themed event? You’ll need the typical party stuff, like food and party favors, but there are also some other things you’ll need to get your hands on. Here’s the complete list of party supplies you’ll need to throw a party for your cat!

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The 15 Essential Cat Party Supplies

Food Supplies

1. Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

You can absolutely try your hand at baking a cat-appropriate birthday cake if that’s something you’re up for. But for most, ordering a birthday cake suitable for felines is probably the way to go. We like this cake by Bakery Dog, which features tuna and catnip (two favorites of cats everywhere!). We also like that this cake can be shipped to you, so if you’re nowhere near Bakery Dog, no problem!

You can also get this kitty cake in black in the same flavor. And if the look of this particular cake doesn’t appeal, Bakery Dog does have other cakes with the same flavors that look different, so no matter your needs, you should be covered.

2. Cat Food

Friskies Lil' Soups with Shrimp in a Velvety Chicken Broth Lickable Cat Food Topper

Birthdays and Gotcha Days are special occasions, and thus, they require special food. You can’t just feed your cat and their kitty friends everyday food! Honestly, you probably won’t need to feed your pet or others’ pets a lot at all, making this tiny soup the perfect food for your party.

Friskies Lil’ Soups is perfectly snack-sized and individually packaged, so every cat at your party can have one, and no one will be fighting over food. Plus, this soup was a huge favorite of felines, so it’s sure to be a hit!

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Treats and Toy Supplies

3. Cat Treats

Friskies Party Mix Cheezy Craze Crunch Flavor Crunchy Cat Treats

Of course, it’s always good to have regular cat treats on hand at a party, just in case. Friskies Party Mix is the perfect feline treat for a party because it’s made with a blend of cheeses and comes in different fun shapes. They’re also only 1.2 calories a piece, so even having a few of these won’t ruin your cat or their friends’ dinners!

This bag size should suffice for a kitty party (unless a ton of felines are invited). Bonus—these treats help clean teeth!

4. Toys for Your Kitty Guests

SmartyKat Celebration Bundle Cat Toys


Most birthday parties will have games, but felines aren’t always easy to wrangle for a game. Instead, be sure you have plenty of toys for your kitty guests to play with. Sure, your cat has a million toys, but these SmartyKat toys are specifically for celebrations!

Each bundle comes with 16 various toys filled with catnip, so your feline guests will be thrilled. And the bundle is fairly inexpensive, so it won’t break the bank.

5. Goodies for the Birthday Cat

Goody Box Birthday Cat Toys, Treats & Collar

Your pet is the kitty of honor, so they should get fun toys and treats all their own! This birthday-themed goody box features a cute bandana, yummy treats, and several toys your cat will adore. There are tiny donuts for them to play with, mice, and even a ball pyramid they’re sure to enjoy. And there are three kinds of treats, including squeezable and chewy ones!

Best of all, this goody box really isn’t that expensive (especially considering everything you’re getting for the price). It really is the perfect gift for your birthday kitty.

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Costume Supplies

6. Birthday Bandana

Frisco Dog & Cat Birthday Bandana

If your feline isn’t a fan of having things on their head or dressing up, a birthday bandana may be a good alternative. This bandana from Frisco declares, “It’s My Birthday,” on a confetti-covered bandana that is cute as can be. After all, your favorite feline needs something, marking them as the birthday boy or girl!

You can easily customize your kitty’s look with this bandana by rolling it up, and it’s machine washable, so if your cat gets birthday cake all over it, no problem.

7. Birthday Crown

Frisco Happy Birthday Dog & Cat Crown

Of course, a birthday bandana won’t be for everyone. Perhaps your little birthday prince or princess would prefer a happy birthday crown! This Frisco crown is the perfect birthday crown because it isn’t a paper hat but rather a plush crown. That means it will be incredibly comfy on your kitty’s head (so hopefully, they’ll wear it for longer).

The crown is easy to adjust to fit your pet’s head and has ear loops to help keep it on. Think of all the adorable photos you could get with your cat and this birthday crown!

8. Birthday Outfit

Frisco It's My Birthday & Cat T-Shirt

Some felines are fine wearing clothing, and if that’s your cat, this birthday t-shirt from Frisco is just the thing. This adorable blue shirt features a cupcake and the words “It’s My Birthday” on the back and comes in a variety of sizes, so you should be able to find a size for your pet. It’s also lightweight, so it shouldn’t be irritating to your cat.

The t-shirt is stretchy for a better fit and machine washable, so it can be reused for years. It’s the perfect birthday outfit for your birthday cat.

9. Cat Ears

Tbestmax plastic cat ear headbands

Don’t leave your human guests out! This party might be all about the cats, but the humans should have some fun, too. And these plastic cat ears headbands are plenty of fun. You get 24 headbands with Plastic Cat Ears Headbands that come in 12 colors, so every guest’s favorite color should be there.

Plus, these headbands fit both adults and children, so if your party is a mix of both, everyone should be able to wear them. They also claim to be extra comfortable. And, as a bonus, your guests can take these home as party favors!

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Party Favor Supplies

10. Crinkle Balls

Ethical Pet Mylar Balls Cat Toy

You can’t let your feline guests leave your home without some party favors! So, it’s time to grab some of those little birthday gift bags you remember from childhood and fill them up. But what should you put in them? These mylar balls by Ethical Pet, for one!

Cats love crinkly toys, and mylar makes a fabulous crinkly sound when it’s played with. These balls are lightweight, so they can be tossed around easily, and they’re shiny, so they’re more easily spotted. It’s the perfect toy to put into a party favor bag.

11. Catnip

Meowijuana Catnibas Meowy J's King Rolled Catnip

Catnip is always a fabulous gift for cats. While not all kitties will be affected by catnip, many will, so they’ll love finding some in their party favor bag. This rolled catnip by Meowijuana Catnibas Meowy J is the perfect way to add it to those bags.

Because it isn’t loose catnip, you don’t have to worry about bagging some up yourself or it making a mess in the bag. These are entirely mess-free. It’s also 100% organic, so you know you’re giving your cat’s pals something good.

12. Spring Toys

Frisco Colorful Springs Cat Toy

You’ll want to add more toys than just some crinkle balls to your party favor bags. We recommend spring toys like these from Frisco. Spring toys are a cat favorite; they’re easy to bat around, they bounce, and they go rolling across the floor, so the kitty has to chase them down. They’re the perfect cat toy!

These springs come in packs of 10, 20, or 40, so you can ensure you have enough for your party favor bags. They’re incredibly affordable, too, which makes them an even better addition to the party favor list.

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Decorating Supplies

13. Party Garland

Funny Cat Party Garland Meow Letter Balloons

We’ve looked at many party supplies, but now it’s time to tackle some of the most important supplies needed for a cat party—the decorations! This party garland is the perfect place to start when it comes to decorating for your favorite feline’s event. Not only do you get a string of kitty faces to hang up (some of which are truly hilarious), but you also get balloons spelling out ‘Meow”.

Just one or two of these garland and balloon combos will jazz up the space where you’re holding your kitty-themed event. Each garland is about 5 feet long, and the balloons are approximately 13.5 inches tall when blown up.

14. Table Decoration

Cat Party Decorations & Cat Birthday Party Supplies

You’re not going to get a bunch of cats to sit at a table to enjoy some cake, but since you also have human guests, a table or two for people food will likely be needed. This combo of table decorations includes a kitty-themed tablecloth, centerpiece, plates, napkins, and cups. It even comes with a banner!

This table decoration bundle includes enough stuff for 16 guests, so it should be the perfect size for most parties. Plus, it’s super cute! The pink and mint color combination, plus the cartoon felines, makes for extra adorable decorations.

15. Cake Topper

Artczlay Happy Birthday Cake Topper

This decoration will depend greatly on what type of cake you make or purchase, so it may not be needed. But if you have a cake that’s looking a bit bare, a cake topper is the perfect addition. We love this one by Artczlay because of how glittery it is. We also enjoy the lovely rose gold color!

This cake topper is 6.3 x 3.6 x 0.5 inches, so make sure it fits your cake before purchase. It’s incredibly inexpensive, and people who have used it say it’s super cute!

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Having a party for your kitty’s birthday is the perfect way to celebrate them! And putting together a party for your cat isn’t all that hard. You simply need a few supplies like food, decorations, and party favors, and you’re all set (well, you need to invite other people and cats over, too, of course!). Hopefully, your favorite feline will enjoy their party, as will their kitty friends!


Featured Image Credit: AlonaPhoto, Shutterstock

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