How Have You Catified Your Home?


It’s like my fridge magnet says: "Happy is the home with at least one cat." Personally, I prefer plural kitties, and I’m glad we have the space we needed to expand our family. When we bought this house, Ghost Cat was our one and only kitty, but watching her run and jump through every room we knew we had some space that we could fill with more animal love. Little Specter doesn’t take up much space, but she sure makes this house a home.

We’ve been here a few months now, and while we’ve been busy personalizing it to our tastes, we’ve also been busy with a few projects to really bring out the cat in this cat house.

Ghost Cat and Specter may not be on the mortgage, but this house is as much theirs as ours. They’ve even got their own bedroom, complete with a chalk mural drawn in their honor. After deciding that she liked Specter, Ghost Cat moved out of our bedroom and now spends most of her nights cuddled up with Speck in the Chambre de Chats. The room is also a nice, safe place to be when the scary Roomba is patrolling. We’re planning on getting them a futon so they’re even more comfy at night.

Making over that spare bedroom was kitten’s play compared to the work my husband did to give Ghosty and Specter a VIP entrance to the sunroom. Our house is old enough that it’s got one of those little milk doors built into a formerly exterior wall. I guess the milkman would roll up to your house and put a bottle of milk in your wall so you could grab it from the kitchen.

It’s a cool little character piece — except that when the sunroom was added, the milkman’s side of the milk door was covered with a new wall and the kitchen side was sealed up. In order to reclaim this original feature and make it cat-friendly, my husband had to do a lot of cutting.

The cats didn’t like the sound of the saw very much, but they sure liked the results. At soon as the rough hole was there the cats knew what to do. It’s like they’d been waiting for us to open it it up the whole time.

My husband framed the hole so that the cats could not fall into the space between the original wall and the addition. He added trim to make a cute little frame, and I cleaned, sanded and painted the original metal. I even added some carpet on the inside of cabinet and decorated it with cat themed magnets. The original milk door design works great for our purposes, because we can close it when we need to. Right now it’s pretty warm outside, so my babies are enjoying their summer freedom.

While the door is situated above stairs on the kitchen side, it’s pretty high up on the sunroom side of the wall, so we’re currently using a chair as kitty stairs. Our next project will be building a cat tree (with a scratching trunk) to replace the chair.

Now the door that was used to deliver milk is delivering my kitties out into their sunroom. We’ve fully reclaimed this original feature of the house to make it more cat-friendly, and the cats and I are very impressed with the finished project.

I’m now brainstorming a few more kitty projects we can get to around the house. Any ideas? How have you altered your home for your cat? Let us know in the comments!

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About the author: Heather Marcoux is Ghost Cat and Specter’s mom. She is also a wife, writer, and former TV journalist. Some of her friends have hidden her feed because of an excess of cat pictures. If you don’t mind cat pictures, you can follow her on Twitter<; she also posts GIFs of her cat on Google +.

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