6 Ways My Cats Ignore Me


Cats are known to be a bit aloof and to do as they please most of the time. Nobody’s the boss of them. I respect that about them because it means they’re independent and make their own rules. They’re total rebels, don’t ya think?

One of the ways cats practice their independence is by ignoring us when we talk to them or try to capture their attention. Sure, it can sometimes feel frustrating, but I mostly think it’s funny because they’re not shy in ignoring us. They let us know, “Yes, I hear you, and am choosing not to respond.”

Here are six ways my cats choose to ignore me.

1. Turn away

"You might as well just walk away, because I'm not participating."
“You might as well just walk away, because I’m not participating.”

This is just flat-out rude. I speak to them and then they turn their heads, sometimes while I’m speaking. It feels like the equivalent to “talk to the hand.”

2. Ear cock


The ear cock lets me know my cats hear me and are slightly irritated. This move is a popular one around my house. Cats’ ears tell us so much, and this particular message is loud and clear. Sometimes my kitties do the ear thing with their eyes closed, telling me to leave them alone because I’m interrupting their valuable sleep time. Poor babies — it’s hard when you’ve only had 16 hours. We humans can be so exhausting, I know.

3. Eye peek

"Cannot.open.eyes. #goaway"
“Cannot.open.eyes. #goaway”

This is one I have to look for. When one of my cats is sleeping and I decide it’s time for conversation, oftentimes the cat doesn’t even have the energy to slap me with an ear cock. Instead, it’s barely opening one or both eyes and that’s it. Just little slits. It reminds me of how I feel after I’ve had surgery or am really down with the flu. Someone tries to communicate with me and my eyelids feel like they weigh 1,000 pounds. I can barely open them, and then, when I do, it’s only slightly, and then I go back to sleep. That’s the “I feel so out of it, but I can hear you and can’t even fully open my eyes” look.

4. Hide

"I'm invisible, therefore I cannot hear you."
“I’m invisible, therefore I cannot hear you.”

Occasionally my kitties hide, especially if they know I want to pick them up for some reason. Phoebe occasionally takes pills and she totally knows the rattle of the pill bottle. I call her and she doesn’t even look at me, but instead dashes off under bed or behind the sofa.

Cosmo does this at night as well. While I’m falling asleep, he stands outside my door and howls. I get up to pick him up and bring him to bed with me and he runs into the living room and dashes under the sofa. Why?

5. Flick of the tail

My friend Flicka.
My friend Flicka.

When Cosmo or Phoebe gives me a tail flick, I take it like they’ve just flipped me off. This happens when I want them to come to me and they just aren’t interested. They’re master tail flickers, too. I wonder if they practice when I’m not around so they have perfect form when it comes time to flick. I think they must because they nail it every time.

6. No eye contact

"Are you gone yet? How about now? Now?"
“Are you gone yet? How about now? Now?”

This one never fails to make me LOL for real. I’m chatting with my cat and they won’t even look at me. They don’t turn away or anything — they simply avoid my eye contact. It’s like when you’re talking to a human and they in no way want to participate in the conversation. This sometimes happens when the human feels guilty or angry about the topic being discussed. Cosmo is the master of the “not making eye contact” maneuver. He usually wears a cranky face anyway, so the look is even more hilarious. I bend down to try to meet his gaze and he always looks somewhere else. He will not look me in the eye.

How do your cats ignore you? Tell us in the comments!

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