How Does Your Cat Greet You When You Arrive Home?


There’s nothing more adorable that arriving home to see your kitty’s face peeking at you through a window. Cats in this spot are even cuter when you can see them meowing. My little Phoebe sits in the window and watches as I gather my belongings, close the car door and walk toward the door. As soon as I hit the front stoop, she disappears from the window and reappears near the front door. And then she goes nuts on one of the scratching towers. It’s like she’s saying, “Look at me!” Of course, I always commend her: “Good girl!” It’s funny — I kind of thought she was the only cat who greeted with the scratcher routine, but I’m finding that a few other friends’ cats do the same thing!

My handsome tuxie boy, Cosmo, usually greets me at the top of the stairs (we live in a split-level). As soon as I reach the top step, I see him rolling back and forth and looking at me. He’s the kind of cat who doesn’t like his belly touched and never, ever lies on his back. I think it’s so cute how he just continues rolling, at least half a dozen times. I always talk to him and tell him how much I missed him. When he stops rolling, I pet him and he looks so happy. And then he usually bites me. “I’ve had enough. Now go rustle me up some grub.”

Saffy, my sweet slug of a girl, honors me with a non-greeting. She doesn’t get up from her sleeping position — in fact, she barely cracks an eyelid. She’s all, “I’ll acknowledge you when you have a plate of food in your hand.” Lazy cat.

On my Catladyland blog’s Facebook page, I recently asked readers how their cats greet them. Most said their fickle felines are glad to see them … because they want food! Even if it’s not the regular mealtime, some cats think anytime we walk through the door, they get to eat. And heaven help us if we’re late for their mealtime. We have a long, narrow window that runs alongside our front door. A few weeks ago, I arrived home late to see Phoebe’s face practically plastered against that window — and she didn’t look happy.

I love this one: A reader told me her cat greets her by jumping on the table and hugging her. I want my cats to do this! I’d even allow them on the table if they promised to hug me! Isn’t that just the cutest?

Another reader says her cat rubs against her and, if she doesn’t feed him right away, he’ll wrap his paws around her ankles and bite her! Thankfully, I don’t have any ankle-biters, but Cosmo does run around and meow like he’s lost his mind when he’s anticipating chow. He’s also fond of the evil eye, which is like a visual ankle-bite.

One of the readers wrote that her cat hears her coming and waits by the door, hoping for a quick escape. My cats don’t care to escape, although Cosmo is crazy-interested in what’s inside the garage. Maybe he secretly wants to be a mechanic. I’ve always wanted a mechanic in the family.

A few respondents wrote of “circling sharks” who weave in and out of their legs, causing them to lose their footing. Are you familiar with that move? My cats only seem to pull that one when I’m walking up or down the stairs with both arms full. Because they think whatever’s in my arms must be for them, right? Well, I suppose it does typically happen when I’m carrying a full laundry basket.

How do your cats greet you when you come home? Tell us about it in the comments!

About the Author: Angie Bailey is a goofy girl with freckles and giant smile who wants everyone to be her friend. Loves pre-adolescent boy humor, puns, making up parody songs, and thinking about cats doing people things. Writes Catladyland, a cat humor blog, and authored whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds, a silly book about cats wheeling and dealing online. Partner in a production company and writes and acts in comedy web series that may or may not offend people. Mother to two humans and three cats, all of which want her to make them food.

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