Do Your Cats Sometimes Act Like Brats?


For the most part, my cats are very loving and patient. Yes, they have been known to chase one another when they are bored or there’s been a vast change in the weather. Rusty will sometimes get a swat to the face or back of the head if he tries to rub one too many times against the other cats in the group. This is usually followed by me raising my voice slightly and saying the words "GENTLE" as a reminder code word for them to be sweet to each other. However, there are certain occasions when my cats get a little bratty with me. It made me wonder: Do your cats get bratty with you?

Several of them will become little brats by climbing and lying on my car. Now, I know cats love to perch on high places. I’ve actually written about this in a previous article. However, they always seem to be particularly interested in the roof and hood of my car when I bring it home from the car wash. It could be the fresh scent of the vehicle that attracts them. Possibly, they want to rub on the freshly bathed car in order to gather some of the fresh smell on their coats. Or, it could be simply to get more of my attention. Whatever the case, it does little good to wash the car. There always seem to be muddy kitty prints going from the hood, to the windshield, to the top and back down again.

They also seem to become little twits whenever I leave them for more than a day. Recently we went on a little vacation. I explained to each one of them where we were going, what date we would be back and asked them to be good kitties while I was gone. We had a pet sitter visit twice a day to check on them and the other animals in the house. She made sure their water dish was full and fresh. She also made sure the food dish was full of fresh food each time she came. In addition, we asked her to do a head count each night to make sure everyone was accounted for.

At the end of each visit, she left a written report. She said the cats were all doing well and were present and accounted for each night. However, when we arrived home we noticed that Momma Kitty was nowhere to be found. This is highly unlike her since she never strays past a few feet from the house. She either sleeps in the garage or underneath the cherry tree outside the garage door. I kept an eye out for her and looked around the garden areas of the house where she sometimes visited. I never felt anything bad had happened to her, but I missed her being around. I also noticed that her two older sisters were not showing up at night for their food or lying in their favorite places at night. So, I concluded that she was out exploring with them.

After three days I started to get worried. About the time I was putting my search plans in place I looked outside. First, her sister, Cali, showed herself. Within a minute Natasha showed herself. And, within a few minutes, there was Momma Kitty acting no worse for wear. I went out to greet them and let them know that they needed to stay home where it was safe. As usual, Cali and Natasha turned their backs to me, flipped their tails and walked away. Momma Kitty sat silently listening to every word I said. After I completed my stern talk, she continued to stare at me. At that moment, I could hear her say; "What, you’re the only one around here that gets to go away on vacation?"

Perhaps the time they all become the biggest brats is when I have delayed their food regimen. Admittedly, I’ve been late in the mornings on occasion and their food has not arrived on time. What can I say? I’m not a morning person. Besides, the cats are usually rip roaring and ready to go before the sun even peeks its head above the horizon. They are usually waiting for me outside the garage door. From this vantage point they can see me coming outside the back door in order to let the dogs out. They’ll line up side-by-side as if they were a platoon of soldiers. They’ll give me the stink eye until I acknowledge them and let them know I will be there with their food soon.

If I don’t acknowledge them promptly, they’ll move even closer to where I have the dogs. Of course, this disrupts the dogs focus and the bark fest begins. The cats will stare at the dogs behind the back fence. They aren’t fearful of the dog’s barking, seemingly immune to the loud shrill of their vocal abilities. At times, I’m sure I see a wry smile come across their faces. They seem to know that if the dogs are riled up, the neighbors will be too. Of course, I’m the bad guy in all of this and have to calm everyone. You would’ve thought I would’ve learned by now to never interrupt a cat’s routine. Otherwise, you will have to deal with it one way or another.

As I said, most of the times they are perfect little angels. Though sometimes, I’m sure I see little horns popping from their heads — little devils! Do your cats get bratty on you? Do your cats pout when things don’t go their way? Share your stories and pictures below!

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