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Gamago Makes Witty Kitty Accessories for People

Key covers, nail buffers, and phone companions from the San Francisco company are imbued with cat-inspired humor.

Holly Tse  |  Sep 27th 2012

Cat lovers on the go can now declare their obsession with all things feline without having to wear a T-shirt that says "I love cats." Thanks to San Francisco design company Gamago, you can proudly proclaim that you’re a cat person in style. Gamago creates functional accessories imbued with a sense of humor.

Organize a pocketful of keys with anime-inspired Kitty Keys. These adorable covers come in a rainbow of cheery colors. And with their big, bright eyes, they look like they stepped out of a Japanese samurai cartoon. Put an end to fishing in your pocket and feline around for the right key with these cute kitties.

And what’s a girl to do when she doesn’t have a scratching post handy? The Cat Scratch Nail Buff, of course. This nail buffer fits in your purrse and lets you shape your nails on one side and polish them on the other.

Gamago also gave us a look at its newest cat accessory, the Cat Phoney. This kitten phone topper will follow you around all day when it’s plugged into the audio jack of your phone. “Hello, kitty,” indeed!