King Yeezy Pepè Scott Brings Hip-Hop to Kitty Instagram


Today we get up close and more than a little personal with a cat called King Yeezy Pepè Scott. As you’d expect from the name, this kitty is definitely inspired by Kanye West, although he’s also an all-around hip-hop lover and an unabashed catnip connoisseur.

Here’s how Yeezy does it.

The Yeezy story

Image via Instagram

“Yeezy was found with two other litter mates under my sister’s house,” says his human savior. “All of the kittens were adopted except Yeezy.”

“One day, Yeezy’s dad, aka Pops, was sitting in the living room and Yeezy jumped up in his lap,” she continues. “Since then the two are inseparable.”

The name game

Image via Instagram

When it comes to King Yeezy Pepè Scott’s grandiose moniker, the component parts break down like this:

“King” is apparently because he likes to consider himself the king of kings.

“Yeezy” is a direct homage to his namesake rapper Kanye West’s nickname.

“Pepè” has a double meaning: It’s both because Yeezy struts with a pep in his step and also because, just like the cartoon skunk Pepè Le Pew, he is a ladies man and also on occasion “stinks sometimes.”

Finally, “Scott” is simply his human’s family name.

All-black everything

Image via Instagram

Digging into Yeezy’s relationship with Kanye West, it turns out that if he could sit down and have a chat with the rapper, he’d be all about persuading him to adopt a black cat for his kids North and Saint.

“Black cats need a lot of love because they are the least adopted,” explains his human.

Cat match

Image via Instagram

Matching fantasy felines to Kanye West’s delicate ego, Yeezy (who expresses many thoughts and feelings on Instagram as well as his blog, The Adventures of Yeezy Cat) suggests that in public the megalomaniacal hip-hop artist would be a fine fit with Grumpy Cat. But when he’s relaxing away from the spotlight, “I think Lil BUB would probably be the best match for the way he really is at home.”

Music man

Image via Instagram

Yeezy’s Instagram bio claims he’s a “hip-hop lover.” Naturally, he digs “anything Kanye puts out,” but you’ll also find the following tracks in his playlist rotation: “Mayor” by the Cali crew Pac Div, “Heart of a Lion” by the off-kilter oddball Kid Cudi, “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” by pioneering ATLiens Outkast, and “Hip-Hop Saved My Life” by Kanye’s old pal Lupe Fiasco.

“Currently he is jammin’ out to ‘Hype’ by Drake,” adds his human.

All of the lights

Image via Instagram

Being that Yeezy is on a fast track to becoming an Instagram star, what hip-hop video would he most like to have snagged a cameo in?

The answer is Kanye West’s “Runaway,” although his human also adds that he’d be very interested in collaborating with Instagram’s The Cat Rapper. Internet, make this happen.

Bottle service

Image via Instagram

Yeezy recently received a crate of fine vintage cat wines as part of his birthday celebrations. If you were wondering, MusCATo is his tipple of choice “because it’s sweet and he has a huge sweet tooth.”

Mosey on gracefully over to Yeezy’s Instagram account to follow his rise to the top.

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