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145 African Cat Names: Great Ideas for Your Beautiful Cat

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on June 12, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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145 African Cat Names: Great Ideas for Your Beautiful Cat

African culture is ideal for looking for beautiful, exotic cat names. After all, it’s where the King of the Jungle lives. Maybe you want to honor your African heritage through your cat’s name. Or perhaps you think the Swahili language is fascinating. Whatever your reason, your cat needs a name, and we’re here to help. We have 145 great African cat names for your beautiful feline, plus their meanings.


How to Name Your Cat

When choosing your cat’s name, select one that’s easy to say, especially since you’re considering a pet name in a foreign language. It’s better to choose a one- or two-syllable name since felines respond to them better than longer names. Still, we’ve sprinkled a few three-syllable names throughout this list for fun.

As you read through each name, consider the following about your cat:
  • Gender
  • Personality
  • Quirks
  • Physical traits

We’ve included the meaning of each name to help you pick the best one. Take your time and determine if the name suits your cat. Trust us; you’ll know when you’ve found the best name. When choosing a name, remember to have fun. You can always add your own twist to the names we’ve provided.

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Most Popular African Cat Names

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Image Credit: Kanashi. Pixabay

Let’s start with the most popular African names for your cat. People search for the meaning of these names above all other African names. Therefore, we’ve deemed them the most popular.

  • Alke: A shortened version of the original name of Africa
  • Ashanti: A group of people that is now in modern-day Ghana
  • Barack: Blessing or miracle
  • Ekon: Strong
  • Eshe: Life
  • Hibo: Gift
  • Imani: Gift from God; faith
  • Lolonyo: Love
  • Mahrukh: Face of the moon
  • Paka: African word for cat
  • Raza: Hope

Female African Cat Names

singapura cat sitting on bed
Image by: VictorTaurus, Shutterstock

Check out the following female African names if you have a beautiful female cat. Many of these names mean “beautiful” or “gift of God” or “Princess.” We think these meanings will match your female fur baby nicely.

  • Aba: Born on Thursday
  • Abdu (Abdullah): Servant of God
  • Abena: Born on Tuesday
  • Abeni: Girl prayed for
  • Abeo: The bringer of happiness
  • Abiba: Beloved one
  • Ada: Firstborn daughter
  • Aisha: A lively woman
  • Alaba: Second child after twins
  • Amara: Child of mercy and grace
  • Amma: Born on a Saturday
  • Anele: Last born
  • Anipa: Daughter of the Nile
  • Asha: A lively woman
  • Ayaan: Beautiful flower
  • Bambara: Ethnic group called the Mande
  • Barika: Success awaits
  • Chiumbo: Small child
  • Daliah: Gentle
  • Elna: Beloved
  • Esi: God’s gift
  • Fatima: Motherly
  • Feechi: To worship God
  • Hasana: Beautiful
  • Ime: Patience
  • Izara: Part of a tree
  • Jahzara: Princess
  • Jamila: Beautiful
  • Kali: Energetic
  • Kes: Born when the father is in trouble
  • Lerato: Love
  • Lulu: Pearl
  • Maha: Beautiful eyes
  • Makena: Happy one
  • Malaika: Angel
  • Mandisa: Sweet
  • Mariama: Gift of God
  • Marli: Wished for child; star of the sea
  • Masego: Blessings
  • Monifa: Lucky child
  • Nailah: Successful
  • Nala: Gift
  • Nia: Purpose
  • Paleasa: Flower
  • Panya: Little mouse
  • Ramla: One who predicts the future
  • Rhema: Compassion
  • Sabra: Patient
  • Sade: Honor earns a crown
  • Shahina: Princess
  • Shani: Wonderful
  • Taiwo: Taste the world
  • Taraji: Hope
  • Thabisa: Bringing joy
  • Urbi: Princess
  • Winda: Hunter

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Male African Cat Names

Image Credit: dien, Shutterstock

Now it’s time for the male cat names. Many of these names mean “King” or “God,” which perfectly fits a male cat’s personality. We are only their servants, after all. Here’s a list of our favorite male African cat names:

  • Abiola: Born in riches
  • Abrafo: Ghanaian warrior
  • Addo: King of the road
  • Adisi: The clear one
  • Amadi: Free man
  • Baako: Firstborn child
  • Bahman: Avalanche; 11th month of Persian calendar
  • Bassel: Brave
  • Bayo: The crown meets joy
  • Chadike: God is strong
  • Chukus: God does great things
  • Dakarai: Happiness
  • Eze: King
  • Fela: Lucky and happy
  • Femi: God is my reward
  • Gamal: God is my reward
  • Hakim: Wise ruler
  • Halif: One who promises or Ally
  • Jabari: Brave
  • Jala: Lion
  • Jomo: Farmer
  • Kato: Second of twins
  • Kgosi: King or chief
  • Kofi: Born on Friday
  • Kojo: Born on Monday
  • Malik: King
  • Mosi: Firstborn child
  • Nabil: Noble
  • Nairobi: Capital of Kenya
  • Nakia: Faithful and pure
  • Neo: New or gift
  • Oba: King
  • Ode: Born on the road during travel
  • Ola: Rise
  • Omari: Praise God
  • Shaka: A Zulu leader
  • Shango: God of thunder
  • Shona: One who brings happiness
  • Sipho: Gift
  • Sultan: Ruler or King
  • Tafari: He who inspires awe
  • Tau: Lion

African Names for Black Cats

Black Smoke American Shorthair cat
Image Credit: marumaru, Shutterstock

The life of a black cat is tough. Black cats are usually seen as a bad omen or merely as Halloween decorations. We cat lovers don’t see them that way. Our black cats are special. Therefore, they deserve special names. Here’s a list of our favorite African names for black cats:

  • Amare: Handsome boy from Ethiopia
  • Amari: Eternal
  • Anga: Sky
  • Badru: Born on a full moon
  • Bluu: Blue
  • Chausiku: Born at night
  • Efua: Born on Friday
  • Giza: Gloom
  • Jioni: Evening
  • Juma: Born on Friday
  • Kamaria: Moonchild
  • Kaya: Restful place or home
  • Kula: Crow
  • Neesha: Dark or night
  • Nyota: Starry
  • Puleng: In the rain
  • Sura: Traveling by night; brave; princess
  • Thulani: Quiet one
  • Usiku: Knight; midnight
  • Usi (Usingizi): Sleep

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African Names That Start With “Z”

Mekong Bobtail Male Cat
Image by: Seregraff, Shutterstock

Names that start with the letter Z are already cool. They have a rarity that draws everyone’s attention. If it starts with a Z and it’s African, it sounds even more unique.! Here’s our list of African names that are perfect for kitties:

  • Zaci: God of fatherhood
  • Zahara: Flower
  • Zaire: Original name of the Democratic Republic
  • Zane: Well-born or noble
  • Zareb: Guardian
  • Zaya: Hope; Faith; blessings
  • Zeena: Beautiful
  • Zendaya: to give thanks
  • Zene: Beautiful
  • Zhenga: African queen
  • Zo: Spiritual leader
  • Zoan: Departure
  • Zola: Peaceful
  • Zula: Excellent
  • Zuna: To be sweet
  • Zuri: Beauty or beautiful

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This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are dozens of other interesting African names to choose for your cat. We hope this list has given you some ideas. Better yet, maybe you’ve found the perfect name for your house panther. If you didn’t, don’t worry; the right name will come along soon enough.

Remember to take your time and always have fun naming your pet. It’s one of the best parts of having a furry friend.

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