A Loving Team: A Kitten and a Girl, Each One Missing a Limb



This week’s Monday Miracle is all about a child-and-kitten couple who are both amputees. Despite facing a huge amount of physical adversity early on in their lives, they’ve managed to team up and become an inseparable double act, offering each other hope and companionship. This is how they found each other.

The girl’s name is Scarlette Tipton, and she was born with a rare form of cancer and had to undergo an amputation of her left arm, which was around three times bigger than normal. The procedure happened when she was only 10 months old. She came through the operation fine, and doctors have since diagnosed her as being free of cancer.

Image via Facebook

As part of Scarlette’s recovery process, her parents decided that a cat would be beneficial to her. Specifically, they set out to adopt a special needs kitty that their daughter could hopefully relate to.

Image via Riverside County Animal Services

Enter Holly, a kitten who turned up at the Riverside County Department of Animal Services in a condition that Eileen Sanders from the organization calls “catastrophic.” It’s suspected that she was mangled in the fan belt of a car she had been napping in during the frostier winter months, and she was found bleeding on the side of the road by a couple of passersby.

Image via Riverside County Animal Services

An amputation of Holly’s right front leg was immediately ordered — and the kitten came through the procedure just fine.

Image via Facebook

At that point, Holly also came on the radar of Scarlette’s parents, who decided that they’d make a perfect match together after they read about the cat’s story in local media.

Image via Facebook

After being given the go ahead to adopt Holly, the family saw Scarlette immediately notice the kitten’s missing leg and recovery stitches. She pointed to it and told her mom it was an “owie.”

Yes, an owie, just like you,” her mom replied. “But she’s okay — just like you are, too.”

Image via Facebook

Since joining forces with Scarlette, Holly has also been renamed Doc, after one of her favorite cartoon characters, Doc McStuffins, and also because of the amount of hospital time both the kid and the kitten have already experienced. As you can see from the above photo, these days they seem pretty content lounging on the couch relaxing together.

Head over to Scarlette’s Facebook page to keep up with her adventures with the cat formerly known as Holly.

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