8 Reasons We Love Mr. Spot and His Unusual Fur Patterns


Mr. Spot is a bit of a newcomer to the social media scene, but because of his distinctive facial markings, this Minneapolis-based black-and-white feline is beginning to make waves through his Instagram account. Let’s get to the bottom of why the whole world is starting to follow Mr. Spot.

He’s a mysterious feline

Image via Instagram

Not too much about Mr. Spot’s back story has been revealed to the public. He cuts a mysterious figure, telling his steadily growing army of Instagram fans only, “I am a cat and you will LIKE ME.” (All caps cat’s own emphasis.) To be honest, if you say that out loud enough times, it does became a pretty persuasive command.

His fur patterns say “Splat!”

Image via Instagram.

While the venerable Mr. Spot might be a kitty of few words, his image is a show-stopping one. As his name somewhat suggests, he has some fantastically remarkable nose markings that make it look like a giant black ink spot has exploded onto his face. Well, either that or he’s been smooshing his visage into a bowl of sophisticated high-end wet food (possibly laced with squid ink).

He’s a Monday man

Image via Instagram

While most cats on Instagram are all about lamenting how Monday sucks while dreaming of the next Caturday, Mr. Spot cuts a different path. It seems that he’s a fan of the start of the working week, even going so far as to claim, “It’s not Monday, it’s Funday!” Quite the positive mental attitude, I’m sure you’ll agree.

He’s a goth cat

Image via Instagram

Does our distinguished host have a dark side? Well, according to a recent selfie, that might be the case. As he teased in the caption to the above photo, “Gee, I look like Count Catula in this picture. Do I look too goth?”

He lends a helping paw

Image via Instagram

Let the formal record show that Mr. Spot always strives to be a helpful kitty. While carousing around his humans’ abode, he often likes to contribute to the running of the household with spot fixes. As he says, “After doing the dishes, I always try to fix the drip with my tongue.”

Kung-fu cats

Image via Instagram

Mr. Spot is definitely on board with the growing kung-fu cats trend. Just the other day he could be found out in his back yard showing a dedication to the discipline. “Practicing my karate moves for the next time I encounter the so-called ‘mellow dog’ next door,” he warned. Be afraid, pooch, be very afraid.

On the other paw …

Image via Instagram

Having said that, according to the above photo, Mr. Spot might have some distance to go before he masters kitty kung-fu. “I have fallen and I can’t get up,” he was heard to mutter. Stay dignified, young Spotster.

He’s a very chill cat

Image via Instagram

Even during after setbacks, Mr. Spot always makes sure to take a very Zen and philosophical view of the world. It might have something to do with the ignominy of having to share his yard with chickens.

As Mr. Spot puts it, “Oh, how I love to stare into the sky and contemplate my infinitesimal existence. While the ladies peck at the ground and eat bugs. Oh, how much more simple my life would be if I was a chicken.”

Nothing less than poetry, that is.

Stroll over to Mr. Spot’s Instagram account for more of his worldly musings.

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