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8 Extreme Cat Tattoos We Love

One of them appears to be alive, one is overtly minimal, and one might have six paws.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Apr 6th 2016

I don’t have any tattoos, but I sometimes joke that if I did, I’d pay tribute to one of my previous cats, Mei, by having an inked image of her tattooed from one upper arm to the other and snaking across my chest. (There was a joke about her being very long, the origins of which I’ve long since forgotten, but it seems like a suitably ridiculous homage. There was also a thing about her starring in an animated movie titled Long Pig, but I’m merrily veering off track now.)

Anyway, other people have been much more forthcoming about getting the feline form inked somewhere on their body — as this trawl through the world of Instagrammed cat tattoos shows.

Foot cat tat


Image via Instagram.

You’ve gotta love the placement of this tabby cat tattoo. There’s something about the contour of the human’s foot and the presence of the toes that makes it look like this piece of feline ink is actually alive. And possibly judging you.

The future is now


Image via Instagram.

Here we have two renegade tuxedo cats who have managed to break out of the metallic shell that coats their human, who is really a circuit-controlled cyborg in disguise, who’s thereby controlled by cats all along. Well, at least that’s my interpretation of what’s going on here.

Big kitten on campus


Image via Instagram.

Fully grown person plus giant tattoo of a dinky kitten equals one large statement. The black and white artwork keeps the whole shebang classy and cute.

A feline mystery


Image via Instagram.

If you’ve ever played around with the idea of getting a tattoo as a conversation starter, then this is your new inspiration. “Oh, yes, that is a fully clothed cat detective on my arm. Why do you ask?”



Image via Instagram.

This one’s all about the simplicity of the artwork. Sometimes less is definitely more when it comes to the cat tattoo game. And, as you can imagine, it pairs very smartly with formal evening wear.

“Cat wrapping over knee”


Image via Instagram.

On the other hand, here we have what appears to be a harlequin-inspired feline who might  have six paws but is definitely spread over two legs of a willing human. Remember, bare knees are not for everyone.

Third eye vision


Image via Instagram.

Cat? Yep. Touching flowers, possibly paying tribute to a kitty who has used up all her cat naps on the planet Earth? Yup. Some sort of mystical pyramid or illuminati structure in the background? Er, yes, that too…

King Kong Kitty


Image via Instagram.

Y’know that dream you have where you imagine a feline version of King Kong clambering up the Empire State Building while planes zoom all around? Well, this dude gets to relive it every single time he looks over at his bicep, depicted in a retrotastic grayscale art style.