8 Cats Who Have Created Their Own Catifications


We all want our cats to feel comfortable in their homes. We buy them expansive (and expensive) cat trees, fun lookout towers and cozy kitty condos. In recent years, “Catification” has become quite popular. For those not familiar, Catification is the art of creating cat-friendly — sometimes artsy —  spaces in your home. “Catification” and “Catify” were included in the titles of two books by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin. These days, humans are building shelves, catwalks and tunnels to create a more cat-friendly atmosphere. It’s not all happening indoors, either. Ever heard of a catio? What a treat for indoor cats to enjoy a safe, enclosed space outdoors!

In perfect feline fashion, cats often don’t wait for humans to Catify the space — they create their own … and we don’t spend even a dime. Here are eight cats who’ve taken Catification into their own paws.

1. Sock drawer cat

"Hey, get back in your own corner!"
“Hey, get back in your own corner!” Photo via Flickr

This comfortable drawer is lined with the finest crew socks from JC Penney. There’s just enough height that a cat can feel “high and mighty,” yet low enough to receive treats from passing humans. Most models are suitable for multiple cats.

2. Printer cat

Copy cat, in repose.
Copy cat, in repose. Photo via Flickr

Time for a cat scan? Always. This printer is the ideal resting shelf for your favorite feline. The angled input tray makes a convenient headrest; and the blinking lights, beeping sounds, and paper output will entertain your kitty for hours. Extra points if the printer happens to live in a sunny spot.

3. Silverware drawer cat

"Catification in the kitchen. Who knew?"
“Catification in the kitchen. Who knew?” Photo via Flickr

Sometimes a cat just needs to say, “Fork off!” and create a lounging area that feels right. The silverware drawer tower is plenty sturdy enough to hold one kitty, and it offers easy access to kitchen counter food. Every cat is on board with this one.

4. Flowerpot cat

"I like to refer to this little number as terra-catta."
“I like to refer to this little number as terra-catta.” Photo via Flickr

Cats enjoy plopping themselves in spaces where they just fit. Small fries find comfort and fun in terra cotta flowerpots that have been sitting around your house for weeks. Just like with flowers, you might have to “repot” the kitty in a bigger container as he or she grows.

5. Saucepan cat

Cats like to get a little saucy sometimes.
Cats like to get a little saucy sometimes. Photo via Flickr

Forget paying department store prices for cute little cat cubbies — simply open your kitchen cupboard, grab a random saucepan, and kitty’s happy for hours. It’s completely portable and even has a handle for easy moving — with or without cat! For variety, cats sometimes rest up in frying pans, cookie sheets and even woks.

6. Laptop cat

"As you can see, I've pressed the 'control' button."
“As you can see, I’ve pressed the ‘control’ button.” Photo via Flickr

Some people like to buy electric cat beds so their kitties stay warm and cozy. Cats often find their own warmth on naturally occurring spaces — like laptop keyboards. After your cat finds this comfy sleeping surface, you’ll C Y you won’t B spending $ on fancy beds again.

7. Dishwasher cat

"I especially like this spot on turkey potpie night."
“I especially like this spot on turkey potpie night.” Photo via Flickr

Like a murphy bed, a dishwasher door opens right up into a lovely lounging surface. One or two cats could easily relax when the bottom rack is extended, but when the rack is rolled back inside, it’s party time! At least half a dozen cats could chill on this elevated kitty shelf. Oh — bonus points if there are dirty dishes to lick!

8. Guitar case cat

"Great resting spot -- no strings attached."
“Great resting spot — no strings attached.” Photo via Flickr

An open guitar case? That’s music to any cat’s ears. The shape is artsy-fartsy, and just about any size of cat could fit into the larger side of the case and allow their tail to glide into the narrow neck-side of the case. Some kitties like to mix things up by snoozing in electric guitar cases, and even ukulele models.

How does your cat create his or her own Catification? Tell us in the comments!

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