7 Sounds That Make My Cats Run Like They’ve Lost Their Minds


Cats are composed in their behavior most of the time, but sometimes they hear or see something that makes them forget they’re supposed to act like cool cats and they go absolutely berzerk.

It’s kind of like when kids are calmly making mud pies and then hear the jingly tune of the ice-cream truck heading down their street. All semblance of sanity flies right out the window and they become possessed little people, racing into their houses, begging for money, and shaking like a 12-year-old girl at a Bieber concert. They’ll even chase the truck down the street. All for some ice cream on a stick — the same kind that’s probably sitting in their freezer at home.

Cats are not immune to the nutso behavior that comes along with particular sounds. Here are seven sounds that make my cats go completely bonkers.

1. Printer warming up

Phoebe can be anywhere in the house, but when she hears the buzz of the printer getting ready to spit out paper, she races to the office at record speed. When she was a kitten, she’d actually make off with any paper that emerged from the magical machine. I can’t tell you how many important documents had kitty chew marks on the corners. Nowadays, she still comes tearing through the house, but only watches the printing process. But as you can see from the photo, she watches it very, very closely.

2. Tape dispensing

Phoebe loves tape, especially packing tape. Just yesterday I was working at the desk and heard chewing sounds. I looked over to see her gnawing on some loose packing tape that was hanging off a shipping box. She’ll go as far as digging through wastebaskets looking for the sticky stuff. Needless to say, when she hears the telltale sound of tape coming off the roll or being peeled from a box, she’s all over it.

3. Ice machine rumbling

My cats are huge fans of ice. When we used to have an ice machine on the front of our refrigerator, they would go crazy when someone pushed the button to add ice to their cup. Our ice maker was a little funky and usually spit stray cube pieces on the floor, missing the cup altogether. The kitties knew this and stood in a little line facing the fridge whenever anyone was getting ice. They looked like they were waiting for a pi├▒ata to pop.

4. Hair dryer howling

Cosmo and Saffy can’t disappear fast enough when a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner makes the scene. Phoebe, however, is absolutely fascinated by both appliances. When she hears me drying my hair, she immediately appears in the bathroom. She even enjoys having warm air blown in her direction. As if I needed another reason for a cat to join me in the bathroom.

5. Bag crinkling

My cats think every crinkly bag that lives in our kitchen is filled with treats for them. As you can see in the above photo, Saffy and Cosmo are over-the-moon excited for a bag of Archer Farms Mesquite Barbeque kettle chips. They are certain the bag must be brimming with something liver or chicken-flavored. Sorry, kitties. Rest assured, I did give them real cat treats after they realized they weren’t getting any kettle chips. I’m not mean.

6. Bath and shower splashing

What is it about cats and baths and showers? As soon as I turn on the bathtub faucet, Cosmo comes a-runnin’. And heaven forbid the door is closed. He’ll desperately paw and pound on the door like he’s for certain going to die if he doesn’t get in the bathroom right that second. That’s why I try to remember to bring him in from the get-go. If I’m showering, he likes to sit between the curtain and liner and bat at my legs. If I’m relaxing in a bath, he loafs on the edge of the tub and lets his tail drag in the water. Oh, and he’ll lap at the warm bath water, which is gross to me. But hey, he licks his own butt.

7. Can lid popping

You know that sound that happens when a can lid is opened? Even though my cats may have blatantly ignored my affections just minutes prior to that moment, suddenly I am the most exciting person they’ve ever met — they can’t get enough of me. Now ask me what happens when they discover that pop originated from a can of niblet corn. Fame is so fleeting.

What sounds make your excited cat come running? Tell us about it in the comments!

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