7 Reasons I Loved Kitty-Sitting for a Cat Named Dude


I get a thrill when someone asks me to watch their cat while they’re out of town. I usually know the cats, and the prospect of having alone time with them is ridiculously fun for me. This coolness happened to me over the weekend when I had the chance to watch Dude (usually called Kitty or Kit), my neighbor friends’ cat.

Dude and I had only a couple of days together, but we enjoyed ourselves. Ask him — he’ll back me up. It was probably the most fun I’ve had cat-sitting. Here’s why:

1. Kitty kisses

Pucker up!
Pucker up!

Kit loves to give kisses. Usually, I have to work to snag a kiss from my own cats, but he was handing them out left and right. He even surprised me with smooches. I swear my heart melted at least a kazillion times during our time together. I think he needs a job in a kissing booth. I’d totally pay for those kitty pecks.

2. Treat routine

"They go over THERE."
“They go over THERE.”

The humans keep Kit’s treats in their office, by his little cat bed. Like most cats, when he heard me shake the treat container, he dropped everything and came running. My friend told me Kit likes to eat treats in his bed, so I should place them there. I’m not a fan of eating in my own bed, but I know some people are. Apparently some cats are, too. I tried to feed Kit on the desk, but he looked at me like I was crazy, so I moved the treats to his bed and he went to town on them. Like I thought I could deviate from the routine! Cats … they train us.

3. The view

Not a terrible view.
Not a terrible view.

My neighbors have a much better view than I do. They live on a corner, so everywhere they look, they’re treated to the Minneapolis skyline, bridges, and the Mississippi River. From my place, I get to look at the building across the parking lot. Don’t get me wrong — I love my apartment, but the view from my window isn’t especially photo-worthy. Needless to say, Kitty and I did a lot of looking out the window while I was there. I pointed out all the important buildings. He seemed particularly intrigued with the Guthrie Theater. I think he was an actor in a past life.

4. Loverboy face

That face! Have you melted yet? How about now?
That face! Have you melted yet? How about now?

Would you look at this face? What was I supposed to do? Of course I sat on the ground with him, petted his sleek black fur, and looked at his face for much longer that I care to admit. As long as he’d allow me to hold his little head, anyway. He was great company. And bonus points for the one white whisker! Do you see it?

5. Silent meow

The cutest -- just the cutest.
The cutest — just the cutest.

I couldn’t catch him, camera in hand, with his mouth open, but Dude does that thing where he opens his mouth and nothing comes out. Or else there’s a tiny squeak. I’m a fan of the silent meows.

When I entered the apartment, I looked for him. He was usually curled up on his mom’s office chair, and when he saw me, he’d greet me with a silent meow, followed by a couple of squeaks. After living with my loudmouth Phoebe for 11 years, I found the non-meow curious and absolutely adorable.

6. Assisting

"Need some help with that?"
“Need some help with that?”

I brought my laptop and worked from Kit’s place on Friday. I mean, how could I not with that view and all? I felt like I was at home because there was a cat in my face the entire time I wrote. I’m accustomed to these feline assistants getting all up in my business, so it was familiar and comfortable. Although he was a great assistant when it came to serving as my muse, he refused to fetch me a cup of coffee. Slacker!

7. Wine!

Cats and wine. Wine and cats.
Cats and wine. Wine and cats.

My friends told me I could take a bottle of wine, so I did. Of course. It was delicious, thank you for asking. No worries — I didn’t day-drink the entire bottle; I saved it for the evening and shared with friends.

Cats and wine? Now that’s a great gig!

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