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100+ Popular Cat Names: Top Ranked Cat Names of 2023

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Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Catster Editorial Team

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When deciding on a name for your new feline, there are many things to consider. Colouring, personality, and gender are usually the main traits pet owners look to for inspiration. You’re likely searching for something equally fitting to who they are on the inside while complementing their fluffy and oh so precious outside. The ideal name is simple enough for them to understand, but slightly more original than the good ol’ reliable name of Whiskers. 

Nowadays, it seems as though the name pool is bottomless. Which could send anyone wanting to find THEE one into a search frenzy and eventually, a crazy spiral of indecision. Before we dive into this pool, we want to note that there is something to be said about the most popular cat names. The top 100 cat names are on our list for a reason and that’s not something to overlook or take lightly. Of course, we encourage you to use your imagination and let your creativity run wild when you can, this should be fun after all! However, pairing your bright and bushy-tailed pet with a popular kitten name is a sure thing. After all, they are popular for a reason. They’re sweet, fun, playful. Everything you could ever want in the perfect kitty name. 

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Most Popular Cat Names Female

It might have been inspired by the bubbly character in the Harry Potter franchise or perhaps a nod to mythology, as the Roman goddess of the moon, but Luna has managed to take the top spot for most popular female cat name and has remained there for several years. We get it, though – it’s delicate, beautiful, and beyond fitting for any regal kitty cat. Here is our list of the others who toped our most popular girl cat names list. 

  • Luna 
  • Stella 
  • Lulu
  • Kitty 
  • Bella 
  • Cleo 
  • Cali 
  • Millie 
  • Nala 
  • Sophie
  • Lily 
  • Zoe 
  • Lucy 
  • Nova 
  • Chloe 

Most Popular Cat Names Male

The old-time Disney film, Oliver and Company,  might be the culprit for placing this name into the minds of loyal kitty owners and has stood the test of time. Oliver is considered to be a classic name and has proven how timeless it truly is by hovering in the number one position as the most popular male cat name. Read on for a list of equally as charming ideas that made this year’s most popular boy cat names list!

  • Oliver 
  • Jack
  • Milo 
  • Leo 
  • Loki 
  • Charlie 
  • Simba 
  • Jasper 
  • Finn 
  • Ollie 
  • Felix 
  • Buddy 
  • Oscar 
  • Tiger 
  • Gus 

Popular Japanese Cat Names 

bengal cat standing by the window
Image Credit: Elena Borisova, Pixabay

The Japanese pet name trend is among the most popular and we totally understand why. Japan has had a major influence on pop culture, fashion, cuisine, and now the pet industry. Although they are still widely sought after, they are still quite unique. If you are looking for some diversity in your cat’s popular name, you might find just that in the most popular Japanese cat names. 

  • Miso | Food 
  • Shiro | White 
  • Hiroki | Joy & Strength 
  • Katsu | Victory 
  • Haru | Spring 
  • Matcha | Food 
  • Kuro | Black 
  • Kitaro | Happy Boy 
  • Hitachi | Motivated 
  • Kai | Ocean 
  • Yoshi | Lucky 
  • Sushi | Food 
  • Haiiro | Grey 
  • Suki | Beloved 
  • Sakura | Cherry Blossom 
  • Toshiko | Clever Child 
  • Tofu|Food 
  • Kiiro | Yellow 
  • Emiko | Smiling Child 
  • Yuki | Snow 
  • Satomi | Beautiful & Wise 


Popular Black Cat Names 

Black cats are often associated with superstitions, magic, and folklore. Many individuals are incredibly intrigued by these concepts – so much so that it’s provoked a desire to adopt their very own black cat! You might be surprised to learn that many of the most popular black cat names happen to be tied right back in with the ideas. Check them out below! 

  • Shadow 
  • Salem 
  • Dracula 
  • Spook 
  • Boo 
  • Raven
  • Voodoo 
  • Cinder
  • Ash 
  • Casper 
  • Omen 
  • Noir 
  • Pepper 
  • Coco
  • Hades 
  • Bones 
  • Ebony 
  • Ninja 
  • Vadar 
  • Coven 
  • Lucifer 
  • Kona 
  • Smokey 
  • Elvira 
  • Jet  
  • Magic 
  • Zorro 
  • Opal 
  • Hex 
  • Ozzy 
  • Jinx 

Popular Kitten Names 

black bombay cat outdoor licking mouth
Image Credit: Henrik Veres, Pixabay

Many of us will adopt our new pets when they’re only wee kittens. Tiny paws and a mischievous personality might spark some inspiration when it comes to deciding what to call them. here are the most popular kitten names. 

  • Archie 
  • Poppy 
  • Bean 
  • Chewie 
  • Binx 
  • Figaro 
  • Misfit 
  • Gatsby 
  • Tootsie 
  • Teddy 
  • Socks 
  • Bertie 
  • Opie 
  • Emmie 
  • Skittles 
  • Meeko 
  • Mabel 
  • Kirby 
  • Gizmo 
  • Arlo 

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Finding the Right Name for Your Cat

Viola! A list of the most popular cat names! As you might have noticed, they are all stellar names suitable for all types of cats and we fully understand why they are as sought after as they are! We hope that you were able to find a name on our list that’s just as charming as your cat. Whether you have a brand new kitty, a mysterious black cat, or are inspired by the hottest trends, there is something here for just about everyone! 

We understand that the names on this list might not suit your furbaby and that’s ok! Below are a few additional cat name posts sure to give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for! 

Feature Image: ShotPrime Studio, Shutterstock

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