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Is it True That Cats Hate Aluminum Foil? 3 Reasons Why

Written by: Patricia Dickson

Last Updated on January 16, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

a roll of aluminum foil on countertop

Is it True That Cats Hate Aluminum Foil? 3 Reasons Why

As cat owners are well aware, cats are very opinionated animals. They have strong feelings about several aspects of their environment, and many feel the same way about aluminum foil. Most cats are not fans of aluminum foil, and some despise it. But why? What is so horrible about aluminum foil that makes cats hate it?

Have you ever used aluminum foil and noticed your cat had a massive fit over it? Keep reading if you’ve ever wondered why the foil caused your cat to freak out. Below we’ll tell you all the reasons your cat dislikes aluminum foil.

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The 3 Main Reasons Cats Hate Aluminum Foil

1. The Sound

You may find the crinkling sound of aluminum foil annoying, but it’s more irritating to your cat. Aluminum foil makes a very high-pitched noise, which is so high-pitched that it’s classified as ultrasonic. An ultrasonic noise is over 20,000 HZ, and human ears cannot detect the frequency.

On the other hand, cats can hear ultrasonic sounds, so aluminum foil makes an entirely different sound for them than it does for us. Cats evolved to listen to those noises because some rodents, like mice, communicate with each other in ultrasonic sounds.

Because of the cat’s ability to hear a much wider range of frequencies than we can, the aluminum foil creates a noise that irritates them. The noise makes them very uncomfortable, but it is not the only reason most cats hate aluminum foil.

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Image by: Fang_Y_M, Pixabay

2. The Texture

The texture of aluminum foil aggravates cats as well. When the foil is smoothed out, it confuses them; it has rough edges yet a smooth surface, and wherever your cat touches it, a different part of it moves. Combine that with the horrifying sound, and your cat has plenty of reasons not to be fond of aluminum foil.

aluminum foil
Image by: Rupert Kittinger-Sereinig, Pixabay

3. The Reflective Surface

The reflective surface of aluminum foil is not appealing to cats, and many cats already have a slight problem with their own reflection. Some owners have even used aluminum foil on their furniture and countertops to keep their cats away.

Some claim that cats dislike aluminum foil because they see the reflectiveness and think it’s water. This is highly unlikely since a cat’s sense of smell can discern the difference between water and aluminum foil, but that doesn’t stop cats from being put off anyway.

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Closing Thoughts

Cats are not fond of aluminum foil for many reasons. The cat’s incredible hearing allows them to hear the ultrasonic noise the aluminum foil makes that we can’t. Couple that horrible noise with the reflective surface and odd texture of the foil, and it can make your cat very angry.

Nothing in your cat’s environment is like aluminum foil, and most are happy to avoid it. If your cat leaps on your counter, you can place foil on the surface to keep them on the floor during mealtimes.

Featured Image Credit: FabrikaSimf, Shutterstock

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